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Actress to bungee jump naked for Cancer Research UK

edited December 2011 in Fun, Jokes & Captions

From the O2 arena on 17th Dec apparently.  No mention of a time but she could have an effect on the "Bumper attendance" vs Oldham!

From the photo the match is suddenly seeming like a less attractive option.



  • We should instruct the team to play constant hoofball just so we have an excuse to look up all the time ;-)
  • No point in doing a would ya so why not support her and keep watch


    Donate here and its not just her, she has a couple of female mates with her, pictured on this link

  • Think she'd make more money and a bigger audience if this was done from the west-stand. ;-)

    It would certainly be better entertainment than our usual half-time stuff and allow me to be able to get a pint during the break too. Win win situation me thinks...........................................
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