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Very good article - Football League Newspaper

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Not sure if this has been mentioned elsewhere but just thought i'd let you all know....

If anyone picks up the 'Football League' newspaper there is a great article about the 1975 promotion winning team, all about what the players are doing now with a decent photo. Cant find a link anywhere but you can only buy the paper on sundays apparently. I'll try and post a copy of it tommorow if i can, unless anyone can find a link?


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    It's the only Sunday paper I buy. It's a great read.
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    Does anyone use Richie Bowman's sandwich shop "near London Bridge Station"?
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    Anyone know which shop is Richie's?

    I got his autograph that year when I spotted him playing tennis in Eltham Park. I might try and get it again!
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    Unless he's moved it's the one in the corner to your right as you enter hayes gallaria.

    When my dad ran what is now Old Shootershillians sports club back in the late 80s, early 90s, Richie and a few of his mates were friday night regulars, I would often make up the 4 for doubles at pool
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    Two page interview with Powell in todays FLP.
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