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Remember that first 'Fun Run' !!!

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  • The begining and the end, the ones in the race are being censored.
  • I remember that. I was a spectator and got soaked cheering you on and then got hammered in the pub and slow danced with some 90 yr old bloke from Newcastle.
  • Oh groan.

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  • oh so mean!!!
  • Whats "Fun" about "Running" ?
  • I had a great time not only in the run but the preparation for it as well, I found out what this forum was all about people as Jon(3blokes) and as old as Doyley giving advice on how to prepare for the race thats what made running fun, people like Suzi coming out in the pouring rain to cheer us on thats what made running fun. Sure it hurt for a couple of years!! but I would love to do it again, but wont if it didnt happen from here because I always need an insentive to get off my **** plus the robbing ******** apparently want 40 quid next year.
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    Thank you.
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  • Ha.

    Those were the days. Haven't done anything past three miles since, but would love to have another crack again.

    Can't remember much about the run other than the pouring rain and being overtaken by a seven foot can of john smiths about two hours in.

    Never enjoyed a beer so much in my life after, nor the bath that followed or the mega dominos that followed that.

    Great effort though, and fantastic cameraderie, and we raised an impressive sum.
  • I remember that run :-) every centimetre of it ;-) I have tried to do some endurance activity every year since. Last year's effort was sitting in the Upper North for a season which was particularly hard work ;-) This year I did the Swimathon - 5k. The only problem with that was unlike the fun run, I could not stop and walk it when I was knackered ;-) but our fun run was a good day. I'd be up for another one :-)
  • I wouldn't. Hated every bit of the training. Every part of the run. The anchor was the best bit and the money I raised.
  • The only thing I can remember is the pain.
    My knees hurt, my shins hurt, my thighs hurt and my back ached like hell...and that was for about a week afterwards as well.

    I learnt a very valuable lesson that day.  NEVER wear a brand new pair of shorts for a run without washing them.
    Jeez, the insides of my thighs were red raw by the time we got back to the Dome.

    Helping raise all that cash for Demelza made the pain worthwhile.
  • Who was the fella that ran the whole way backwards?

  • I can see a couple of backwards fellas running forwards?
  • Who was the fella that ran the whole way backwards?

    One of my mates. Bonkers, but helped Johnboy get around
  • Would someone care to name some of the lifers in the pic so we can put some names to faces.
  • L-R in top picture - Rick Everitt,...........
  • That's the son of Rick, Chirpy.

    Next to him is Auntie Jean that runs Bromley Addicks.

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  • Nicky Johns 5th from left I think, Lord Vordamort far right
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    4th from right is Jimmy Crankie.
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    don't be mean you lot! the medal one in the pub are as follows: Back left to right - Tavern, Afka Bartram, TCE, Curb_it, JohnBoyUK, the backwards running fella, Ketman, Glasshalfempty

    The other one: Ketman, Curb_it, (DAVE? don't think he posts on here?) 3blokes, Tavern, Dave Storry, Glasshalfempty, WSS, ????, Afka Bartram, TCE,  Johnboy, Bloke that ran backwards

  • I see that was before GHEs hair transplant as well.
  • if its good for rooney ........
  • Thank you Suzi, glad I know now I can give them all a swerve if I meet them :-)

    I was expecting AFKA to be shorter bearing in mind the stick he gets on here, is he standing on something   :-)

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