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Night out in Shoreditch

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Thinking of taking my good lady out for a meal and a few cocktails in a few Saturdays time.Not been out for a bevvy brick lane way for a good few years now.
Any of you kids care to recommend somewhere?


  • if you fancy seeing a film - I can recommend the Aubin cinema. you can book a sofa, which comes with foot rest and blanket. cinema only seats 45 people. right near shoreditch station. there is a pub near called the owl and the pussycat too which does lovely food. book in advance though.

  • Cheers Suze.Think a film will be off the menu though. Night off without the kids.We're looking to get mangled!

    christ i'm old!!
  • i dont know many bars but i know plenty of little clubs around there if thats your sort of thing?

  • if you fancy seeing a film - I can recommend the Aubin cinema. you can book a sofa, which comes with foot rest and blanket.

    Proper Charlton cinema ;-)
  • You can also buy bottles of wine and take them in!

  • they take the corks out too and dont give them to you. very charlton like too! :-)

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    never mind that, finish up.  im going to put my slap on so will be on the marks at 5.30.  see you sharpish.
  • McQueens
  • Pride of Spitalfields if you want a decent beer
    or try Ten Bells
  • Just read you want cocktails - ignore my post above
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  • Beach Blanket Babylon or Loungelover.

    McQueens mentioned is good too
  • I live in Bethnal Green and if it is cocktails you are after then Beach Blanket Babylon is a very good place but a bit OTT and can get very crowded. You could try the cocktail bar in the basement of The Boundary on Redchurch Street, which is reminiscent of being back in time where the bartenders wear immaculate uniform. They know every cocktail there is to know and if you are not sure yourself of what to have then describe to them what you do like and they will select the right one for you. The restaurant it is attached to is a Conran as well so the meal will be of a high qulaity too.

    Another good restaurant nearby is Les Trois Garcons which is of course going by the name French cuisine. Silver service quality but not too stuffy and the stuffed animals dotted around the restaurant creates an unstuffy atmosphere.

    If you want a classy evening you will do well with the above and avoid Brick Lane itself as it is pretty chaotic (don't get me wrong I love the place but I wouldn't spend an important date there).

  • Browns
  • Browns

    Nostalgia alert 
  • Browns

    Nostalgia alert 
    Sorry, was that where they met?
  • Browns
    I'm barred!
    And I really don't want the missus to know why.
  • Rainbows
  • hoxton square is full of good bars 
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