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Auction Update and Thanks

So far the auctions on here have raised over £1600 so a big thank you to everyone who has bid for items whether you won or not.  It all helps.

Also thanks to the Admin guys at Charlton Life for allowing the auctions to take place.  Without access to the biggest on-line or off-line Charlton community we couldn't have raised half as much.

Thank also to all the donors.   The Dryland family kicked it off but they have been joined by Large, Tango, Stig, ColinF and others and now TCE and BDL who handed over some fantastic framed prints and pictures plus two more signed shirts last night.  I'm very impressed even if Lady Irving isn't but then she's a gooner.

So what's happened to the money?    As AFKA can confirm a cheque has been handed over to the Club to go towards some new minibuses.  We've not paid the full cost but it all helps and there will be recognition on the side of the minibuses when they arrive.  For this we have to thank Ken from Bexley who did the designs.

We're still aiming for £2,000 so please keep bidding.  I'm pretty sure that with your help we'll smash that figure but whatever we get will be spent to help the Club whether than be via the Upbeats, shirt sponsorship or the Young Addicks Xmas Party.

Thanks again and keep bidding.
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