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Satellite dish installer

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Morning Chaps (& Chapesses!),

Wifey & I have decided to go down the Freesat route. I was going to wait till next year, but the aerial got moved at the weekend & try as I might, I can't get it back in position and all the Freeview channels so I thought sod it, let's change now.

So...what I'm looking for is an installer (or recommendation of one) to supply & fit a dish (already got the decoder box sorted).

Anyone know anyone?

Thanks in advance.


  • Id really try getting Freeview back mate, i have Freesat and its terrible! Awful channels. Wish id stayed with Freeview.
  • Iris very easy to do yourself. Dish costs around 20 quid and there is a website that shows you the exact direction to point it in. Or you can get one installed, that will cost around 75 quid with dish included, all local tv/Ariel people will do it, some sparks too. I think even currys do it. The last option is sky freesat, its 180 and you get a sky hd box. Cant recommend one though. I did mine myself
  • Freeview and freesat are the same
  • @C.Walsh'sLoveChild Are you sure? Last time i checked, freeview didnt have the Black Entertainment Channel!
  • Freesat has a few more channels than Freeview, but I'm also after gaining the HD stuff. I'll get the aerial sorted so Freeview works in the rest of the house, but I'm really using this as an excuse to get the HD channels.

    Don't worry CWLC, I'm definitely not getting Freesat from Sky - rip-off & £10 per month to use the PVR function.

    To be honest, my balance is a bit off nowadays so I don't tend to go too high on ladders anymore otherwise I'd do it myself.
  • Try the internet
  • Freeview and freesat are the same
    Not quite,

    And I think the bit rates for the HD channels are higher on Freesat than Freeview.

  • Don't worry CWLC, I'm definitely not getting Freesat from Sky - rip-off & £10 per month to use the PVR function.

    Ah I'm glad someone else noticed this.  How can Sky get away with calling it 'Freeview from Sky' if you have to pay £10 a month to use the PVR?  Absolute rip-off, I remember when we cancelled our Sky subscription that they not only wanted £10 a month to use something we had paid £300 for (got a Sky+ box when it first came out) but they also wanted a one-off £40 fee to send us two viewing cards.  Apparently we were also supposed to be grateful that they were only charging us £10 a month as, at the time, they were charging many customers £19 a month for the same service.  Sky = Total rip off.

    Remember you don't have to go down the Freesat route, they are a separate service operated by a joint venture between the BBC and ITV, which is why you don't get the full list of channels that can be found on Freeview.  Alternatively you can purchase a normal satellite dish and receive a similar service to Freeview via the Astra satellites.  I'm going to be installing a motorised satellite dish in the New Year so that I can pick up foreign satellite which shows F1 on free-to-air, ie Germany etc.  I am loath to ever give Sky another penny.
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