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Dentists Chairs & 'Man Tooth'

Just wondered if anyone had beheld the awful syndrome of man tooth recently, similar to man flu in its roots but far , far worse, i was 'stricken' with it this week when brushing my tooth ,and my 10 year old filling came out ,  i didn't realise a man could bear such pain , and that was when the dentist told me how much it would cost to sort out! has anyone else had similar tales of woe from the dentists chair?


  • Cracked one of my molars whilst eating something when i was in Munich for a weekend, was wrecked all weekend so couldn't feel the true pain. Decided not to eat with that side of my mouth when i got back. 5 months later I cracked (coff coff) and went to the dentist. Turned out i had cracked 2 other teeth (which got repaired no bother) and the molar had to be taken out...took 2 hours as the root had hooked onto my jaw or something, had to be cut out from the gum and yanked out by 2 dentists whilst my head was held by a nurse. Bleeding didn't stop for a day or so....still, a nice reminder though of a brilliant trip.
  • I must confess I'm a big wimp in a dentists chair, it's an irrational fear that won't go away, I try to close my eyes and think of MENDONCA scoring his hat trick at Wembley to take my mind off it, the visit I've got coming up this week to the dentists is going to be 90 minutes long, and seeing as I'm going to have a visit to the hospital in the morning where they are going to put drops in my eyes which means I won't be able to drive home, Weds promises to be a fun day, I know things could be a lot lot worse, but I do hate getting old.
  • M.I.A Why bother brushing your only tooth??
  • M.I.A Why bother brushing your only tooth??

    Hahaha very good , because its my PRECIOUS!
  • Had sudden terrible pain whilst working in Brunei jungle. Turns out all four molars were growing sideways crushing neighbouring teeth.
    Helicoptered out, four all wrenched out, next morning stitches split blood congealed in my throat choking me - was spotted just in time.
    Didnt go back to dentist again for 12 years - with the result I had another four teeth removed.
  • M.I.A it sounds like a whirlwind week.

    I was reminded about my 6 month check up from the dentist on Friday and Sunday just gone i ended up in hospital for the day and night after taking a whack in the face from someone attempting a bicycle kick in Sunday league. Although i did break my nose the main thing is i still won the header. My point is dentists are a curse!
  • Crickey lads, there's some right horror stories on here! Reading them I'm feeling better already! :-0
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    Apologies could not resist posting this - is it safe?

  • I've got the same thing - molars impacted at 90 degrees. It's a fecker when you have to have them yanked out - they have to slice the tooth in half, then wrench the roots out - it's horrible hearing your jaw basically being broken. Last time I had one done the dentist was practically standing on my jaw trying to lever it out for 30 minutes. It was so bad, he couldn't hold the pen afterwards to write the prescription as his hand had gone to sleep.

  • Apologies could not resist posting this - is it safe?

    Or not , as the case may be.
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  • Had to have 4 wisdom teeth pulled, each one had to be done on seperate visits. Took half an hour to get one of them out, was covered in blood after. Dentish was impressed with me for taking the pain like a man. Oh yes.
  • Just had a wisdom tooth out today, There was a malformed extra tooth that had grown under the gum line. Took 45 mins to pull out and the dentist said that he had never seen that much blood pulling one before.

    I can safely say, It was one of the most uncomfortable experiences I have ever had. Luckily the ultra strong painkillers are doing their job right now. Have the tooth with me, might even upload a photo of this beast.
  • Have a morbid fear of dentists and haven't been for so much as a check up since I was seventeen. I'm three weeks off forty!
    Stems from the bastard devil dentist I had as a kid. At seven I had to have five teeth out and nearly choked on my own blood. Then at eight when needing a filling he did the procedure without anaesthetic and to top it all he cuffed me round the head when I squealed cos he hit the nerve. Left me scarred I tell you. He eventually had a breakdown and last I heard he was an alcoholic wreck. No excuse for the hell he put me through though.
  • I'm not scared of much but since my last trip to the dentist that has left me with a total fear of going. In my time I've broken my jaw and had two fillings one of which got pulled out and I've had something done to the teeth on my left from opening a beer bottle with them. Every time I sense something unusual tooth wise I have to get drunk until the aggro goes
  • After 30 years of smoking, my teeth pop out like tic-tacs................
  • Ha ha Kimbo & MIA, that was the first thing I thought of when I saw the thread title.
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