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Car Boot Thingy

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Im sure there was a thread on this but couldnt find it. With some good advice on it.
Did my fist one on Sunday down Snodland. Was OK  loads of people about, sun was out and we made £100 profit.  My old crickets books went faster than i could get them out the car. The Shoot annuals didnt go, which i surprised at as they are a collectable. All the old garden ornaments went (thank f++k) and musical instruments went as soon as we got em out. Place was empty at 12 oclock so still got back in good time.

Will do another one --- but next year.


  • The last one I did about 2 months agao, around the brands hatch area by a golf club had me witnessing some great scenes.  

    A little chinese fella started chasing about five Irish guys with a pickaxe.  The Irish fellas ran to a garden stall in front of mine and picked up spades and axes and started swinging at the Jackie Chan wannabe.

    To be fair, he stood up to them and started flying at them.  Police were on the scene quickly and broke it up, thankfully nobody hurt.
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