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Fill in the 37 missing football teams...........

Got this at work today

The first two are "Bright On" and "Wednesday"

The summer sun shone 1.Bright On__ the second 2.Wednesday__ of 3.Wimbledon__fortnight, as we set sail for Hong Kong and the 4 Orient__.
We were aboard an ancient wooden ship which had a 5. Hull___ riddled with holes and a 6. Crewe__ made up of Scots, Welsh and others of the 7. Celtic__  race.
They were for the most part an unwelcomed bunch, except for the cabin boy who won our 8.Hearts__ by continuing to 9. Stoke__the boiler despite being sent to 10.Coventry__.
We 11. Preston  and whiled away the long hours12. Reading__ and eating 13.Everton__ toffee. On the Whole the14.Ayr__ was good for the family and the rest made my 15.Motherwell as she had not taken a holiday 16.Forfar__too long.
At last we docked at the 17.Newport   which had just been built and at once headed for the fabled  18.Palace__ of Hawaiis monarch, which had replaced the19.Villa__. It was inhabited by the 20. Queen Of The South  and looked after by  21.Queens Park__rangers dressed in 22.Lincoln__ green, who greeted us with a friendly23.Alloa   as is the custom. The young men win their 24.Spurs   by selecting a single weapon from the25.Arsenal__ which stande by the old 26. Millwall   under the water wheel, which is driven by water from the dirty 27. Blackpool.
They must enter the enchanted 28. Forest  search out the beast from the herd of sacred cows, and return them on 29.Leeds  . It is a mixed herd, consisting of Freesians,30. Aberdeen__ Angus and at least one31.Hereford
Once in captivity, these strange creatures are milked 5 times a day, not to produce milk, but because they like their 32. Huddersfield (udders feeled)
We spent an interesting day visiting the hills where the 33.Wolves   roam freely, and at the foot of the hills we saw the tomb where they would 34 Bury__their dead. Finally we returned to port to have tea, 35. Dundee__cake, 36.Chelsea buns and some 37.Oldham  which had been in the cold store for some time.

Put your guesses with the relevant number and I will fill them in above


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