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Addicks set to snap up striker



  • Solly can stand on his shoulders and raise the height to 14ft.

  • On his way to SE LDN
  • Grella would be a brilliant signing
    Gone to Brentford.
  • Grella would be a brilliant signing
  • grella is at brentford on loan ;-)
  • beat me to it callumcafc ;-)
  • Grella would be a brilliant signing
    Four goals in 50 games since joining Leeds would suggest otherwise.
  • Looks like I apparently beat dizzee to it as well. Freaky.
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  • Grella would be a brilliant signing
    Why???? What has he done for Leeds??
  • Matt Tubbs?
  • edited August 2011
    Yes Matt Tubbs, Sign him now! done wonders on my FM game with crawley.

    cant be anymore then 200k, and he could well do a job in league 1 ^^
  • Can't be anymore than 200k really? Would have thought Crawley would want at least 750k for him, they have no need to sell him.
  • Grella has gone to St Etienne
  • I think you will find that is Gradel who has gone to France
  • That was Gradel.
  • Stoopid!
  • edited August 2011
    Piece on Darlo forum about Smith:
    Quakers young striker Michael Smith looks set to join Charlton Athletic.

    The move is not yet done and dusted but it looks highly likely that Smith will join up with the London club. For most fans it will be a surprise to see a club of Charltons stature snap him up but people in football seem to rate him highly. The move will suit both clubs well as Smith had not featured this season anyway and the money will come in handy.

    As for the figure, no idea, but Notts County and Bristol City were the other clubs involved.

    The deal is great for the club as Smith has never been a regular starter for the club and really only played last season when we were struggling up front with Liam Hatch covering defensive duties. He must be 'one for the future' as to be honest I have never seen anything of star quality about him. But that is why I am not working in football I guess, because I cannot spot these things.

    Good luck to Michael, yet another young player who follows the likes of Dan Burn (Fulham), David Stockdale (Fulham) and even though we released him Curtis Main (Middlesbrough).

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  • If Darlington fans dont rate him then you cant get to excited about it..:\
  • Could be a Charlie Austin you never know, Looks tall 
  • If Darlington fans dont rate him then you cant get to excited about it..:\
    true, but then Darlington dont have the best of players providing service to him, by the sounds of it his more a target man
  • He's 19. If he's recently had trials with a Premier League team he must be half decent. I'm trying to think of the last time we had a young striker coming off the bench scoring a few goals getting the crowd excited. The last few years we've had shit 30 something strikers who didnt score more than 10 a season
  • Done deal. smith is ours 
  • But is he tall enough? 6'4 is a bit short for a target man..............
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