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the impossible chant!

i was thinking of chants that would be impossible to start at a football match, specially away... i came up with this little beauty "were here, were queer, get used to it..." anyone else beat that?


  • edited July 2011
    "We're Sh*t - and we know we are!"

    We've actually been singing that for a while now ......(!)
  • The Adams Family....



  • First home game we'll all chant

    'who are ya'

  • Nick Clegg: Shame on you!

  • Surely, "we're here, we're queer, we take it up the rear" would be a catchier chant Bloodnut, although obviously I would still refuse to join in! 
  • And im feeling.. BOOM BOOM... Glad all Over......
  • "We can see you sneaking in"!
  • "red lorry, yellow lorry" is always quite hard after a beer
  • Boom Boom Boom, let me hear you say Wiggins



    substitute Wiggins name for any other player that fits.

  • Stand up if love Pedeo's..


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  • Stand up if love Pedeo's..


    hahaha! adam... i think youve trumped me? ;o)
  • Crystal Palace manager Dougie Freedman wants to see Morgan Gould on trial before committing to a deal for the South African defender amid reports a £500,000 fee has already been agreed with SuperSport United.


    Now there's got be the best chant :-


    Super Super Sport

    Super Super Sport

    Super Super Sport

    Super Sport United

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