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Womens World Cup - the same standard, better or worse than Charlton in L1 - Discuss

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I know, I know, but I have watched 3 or 4 games now this week and honestly, apart from the physical size of the players, I think it's just as entertaining, skillful and even 'blood and guts' at times, as our lot in this league. Am I being controversial or is this the reality of our position?


  • Careful - you'll be getting compared to Bexley Dan and his Semedo comment if you don't watch it!
  • I must have been watching the wrong games. If we played any of them we would score 20 + goals. 
  • womens game doesnt even register on the same scale.

    some other comments here.....

  • Have a look at Germany v Nigeria on now on Eurosport and think again
  • i watched the first half. still cannot see how you can even compare to the mens game.

    look at eurosport2, england U17 would punish everyone of those womens teams. quicker, stronger, technically better, more organised.......and thats youth football.
  • although our goalie has just chucked one in so at least you could compre those.
  • Wjy would you compare the Womens game to the Mens game? Considering how 'young' the Womens game is they have come a long way. Personally, I really enjoy watching it, but you have to cast compariosn to the mens game out the window
  • It is very unfair to compare- It is impossible for women to compte equally because of physical differences but the judgement has to be whether the skill levels are improving which I think they are - except for goalkeeping which is still lagging behind a fair bit IMO.
  • Do they change shirts at the end?
  • Just to clarify . . . I am not comparing the womens and mens game per se - just the top international womens teams and the Addicks team last season in L1.

    I have seen this week during the womens world cup games a level of speed, athleticism, skill - and balls (excuse my french) in winning tackles that was better to watch than we sat through for most of last season. The Germans and Nigerians went for it and yesterday made an excellent game to watch.

    Of course, other comparisons between mens and womens football would not come up to this level of equality but the reality is - leaving all prejudices and preconceptions aside, they were just as good as us!
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  • But do you honestly believe that Charlton wouldn't thrash the best women's team? But do agree that the skill levels are increasing and it can be entertaining enough to watch.
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