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Red Card Membership

Has anyone been able to sign up to it online on the team site? when I try it says: 

"ErrorThe page you are trying to reach may have expired, or been moved. If you have followed a link from your bookmarks, please relocate the page and remember to update your bookmarks."


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    Are you sure you're not trying to buy Olympic tickets?
  • ah that must be it so      :/ ha ha
  • We're not able to offer Red Card membership applcations through the FLi site. It does say this on the OS, but there was a route through to the page on the old site that appeared to be offering it, which I've now amended.

    Hopefully we will be resurrecting the facility to join online in the future.


  • Sorry, im on a lot of painkillers at the moment, im confused. so can i join? and if so could you post a link.

    sorry for having to put up with stupid questions, im all over the place lately.    
    OS and FLi??

    Appreciate your help!!!!
  • You can't join online because the Football League generic design of website doesn't allow us to accept your application that way.

    You'll need to phone up, i'm afraid. But if you buy a match ticket in advance you get enrolled anyway.
  • ah right, thanks a lot!
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