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Danny Kedwell

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See he has had a transfer request accepted by AFC Wimbledon. Good goalscoring record. Is he any good? Could he make the step up to League One?


  • Radio London  were talking about this last night and said that AFC Wimbledon would be happy to see him going to another League Two long as it wasn't Crawley !!

    I would hope we are setting our sights a bit hgiher than League Two players

  • he is an absolute monster of a man when he plays football. unfortunately i dont think he has the pace of play to be a league one striker.
  • This guy is 28 and has never played league football - way off the mark!!
  • Fleetwood mk2
  • but in saying that he could end up like steve morrison.
  • He lacked pace at Welling. No thanks.
  • linked with Gillingham, is apparently a Gills fan.
  • Isn't Kedwell one of Akworth's favourites ?
  • Bit like Matt tubbs, 20 plus a season for umpteen seasons at non league level, but both now past 26 you really must have somthing missing if you have not been given a chance in the league by now, fleetwood was at Cardiff then dropped down, scored 30 plus and we signed him, think best to let the gills have this one, there are talented players out there, Cody McDonald etc who I would much rather see in the red of charlton than kedwell. I personally think over the next few years there will be loads of young players who get ditched from prem and championship teams dropping down for a year or two and if they have the hunger and ability will be given another chance.
  • Isn't Kedwell one of Akworth's favourites ?

    Very much so - Kedwell being available will have him massively aroused

    I'm willing to bet a lot that he's been on twitter already
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  • Carthorse. 
  • The best footballer I have ever played against


    In the Medway Messenger Sunday league


    Carlsberg used to play upfront with him

  •  apprently scally called up danny kedwell and asked him if he was available, danny said yes, scally then asked about his contract danny told him, scally then said thats ridiclulous no one in the conference is on the much. Danny replied F*** you then! obviously there was more in the conversation but u get the jist. This is according to my friend
  • "Isn't Kedwell one of Akworth's favourites ?"


    Feel sorry for Kedwell in that case - won't do his credibility or reputation any good..!
  • Sign Carlsberg!
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