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Kent Addicks - Away Days

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I was wondering if there is any interest from Addicks in Kent, mainly around the Ashford/Tonbridge area, in running a minibus to away games. If there were about 7-8 of us and everyone paid their share of the minibus costs (hire, fuel etc.), then it would be relatively cheap for each person and we could get to away games. The bus wouldn't need to be to every away game, just some. Depending on where people live or how much interest there is we can organise pick-up points etc.

Me and mate have an interest in doing this, so that's two, but we're both 16 so we need someone who could drive obviously. So, if you are interest or know anyone who might be, just reply here!

Thanks :)


  • 16 but would definetley be in and know 3 others who also would! :)
  • Awesome, we need to find a driver now.

    Perhaps, the driver could be allowed to not have to pay in exchange for doing the driving?
  • Just remember lads, dont eat your packed lunches before you even get on the motorway, and the cool kids always get the back seats! ;-)
  • And make sure you use the loo before you set off (especially if you're intending to take a crate of Stellas) ;)
  • Hiring a minibus and filling it up is the easy part - finding someone who likes football and driving but doesn't drink and likes listening to drunken 16 year olds is the hard part.
  • What is kent?
  • What Dan said.
  • good luck with it though lads, i applaud your efforts! in years to come you'll have some great memories to look back on (good and bad) better than following the heards of plastic chelsea, arsenal ect ect... good to see.
  • Obviously what Dan said is the big problem. I was hoping that there would be 3-4 adults in the area who would want to go to regular away games, so that the driving duties could be revolved per game, plus the possible incentive that the driver can go for free and not pay for any of the costs. If you know anyone who might be interested, can you please direct them to here, cheers.
  • Hiring a minibus and filling it up is the easy part - finding someone who likes football and driving but doesn't drink and likes listening to drunken 16 year olds is the hard part.

    The other obvious issue is that any adult that drives under age drinkers to a football match will be liable for their behaviour, and will be held accountable by their parents if/when something undesirable happens.

    Not that I want to knock your enthusiam chaps, but if your own parents don't want to drive you and your friends around the country while you all get largered up in a minibus I think you have to assume that they wouldn't be grateful if someone else offered to.

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  • Don't knock 'em Kings Hill - I'm sure they are aware of all the pitfalls. We all had to start somewhere with away games.

    There are a few people on here who I've made lifetime friendships with because of these types of jaunts.

    I salute them and wish them the best of luck.

    (I live in the middle of Kent, got a 7 seater and there is no way I'd take them, mind you :-))

  • From 0.30


    These party boys managed it Lol.

  • From 0.30


    These party boys managed it Lol.

    Some tasty lads there. If some tosser tried to worry me wearing a f*cking Burberry scarf I'd laugh in his face. 
  • Make any progress with this? Would be handy for games like Bury!
  • Sadly not. If anyone is even in the area, Tonbridge, Maidstone, Ashford etc. then we could organise some pick-up system, but I think its unlikely that anyone wants to drive long distances. Still, if you know anyone who isnt on the forum and might be interested, please ask them, thanks.
  • Me and my friend would be well up for it, from the Dartford area.
  • Totally missed this. @WilmoreTheRed the question is, can either of you drive, and how many games would you be wanting to go to?
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