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***Please Read*** Welcome Back to Charlton Life!

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Hi All,

First, thanks for your patience as we attempt to rebuild the site. We have opened the Forum so that we can all get back to our daily Charlton routines! However, as you can see, there is still much work to do. You will see many changes over the course of the next few weeks, not least to the look and feel of the site. It is still very raw right now, but it will not always be so. We believe that the platform on which we are now building is the most useful and exciting for the future. Please report any issues you are experiencing in the Troubleshooting category.

Once again, thank-you for your continued patience!
Adam and Danny


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    Thanks for all your hard work it really is appreciated


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  • Thanks for your hard work, it's nice to have you back.
  • Well done, but i hope you did not spend the whole Bank holiday working on it, you know what they say, all work and no play.
  • Good to have you back!
  • YAY !!

    Good work fellas !!

    Thank You.
  • Just to expand a little on Lookout's post.

    As most of you know, we have had an upgrade planned for some time but severe work and lifestyle changes for both of us other the last year has seen our free time completely evaporate. However, the repeated problems with security warnings enforced our hand. Something had infiltrated the site's defences and no matter how hard Lookout worked to check the site was clean every few days, random issues just kept being triggered. We took the decision that it would be wholly irresponsible of us to allow the possibility of our users developing issues, so took the site offline and closed down the old forum, and all other aspects of the old site.

    Lookout has worked incredibly hard over the last few days liaising with others, building the shell of a new forum, attaching it to new servers and transferring all the history across. As he said neither ideal or fully ready for release, and we would have gone about things differently if we could. But safety is imperative and we thought this was the best thing to do.

    So welcome back !

  • Love the "inbox"!
  • Thanks Lookout and Afka, it's good that we are all back together again.
  • thank god now the cold sweats etc will go away
  • The site looks great by the way
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  • Thank you for all the hard work, yep as cfgs said, the site looks great already
  • You have obviously made considerable personal sacrifices here and are to be congratulated. I assure you that it is appreciated by us all.
  • Glad you're back.  Man, how I have missed you!
  • Looks great so far, well done. I can even get a picture on here now.

    Did anyone get erased?
  • and I can write in rainbow

  • Works well on the iPhone too!
  • Thanks for your hard work.



  • And I've finally figured how to add a picture! Love the new site - thanks for all your hard work.
  • I was just about to seek counseling! Welcome back.
  • Welcome back and thanks for all the work, much appreciated.
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  • Well done and thanks....really missed the site - especially Saturday!
  • It was better in the old days

    (now how do you add a winky smiley thingy?)

  • Thanks for all the hard work, with the royal wedding and bin laden though you did pick a colourful 4 days to miss ;)
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    I'll only believe it's back when it's on the OS....
  • All this "site maintenance" guff is a load of old pony. I know for a FACT that it took Lookie all of 10 minutes to sort it all out.

    The REAL reason the site was down is that the chaps were out on the lash with Prince Harry for a few days and then had a bit of "business" to take care of in Pakistan. FACT.

    (Welcome back - and thanks for all of the hard work!)

  • I love new stuff.

  • Is the clock set right.....why was everyone up in the middle of the night ?
  • Bermuda time
  • Much better.


    Well done CL

  • Many thanks for your efforts chaps.
    Very much appreciated, and well done!
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