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Former Addick hopeful of Valley return (from News Shopper)

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  • That has really come out of the blue.

    There's a decent player in there somewhere, bit like Racon.
  • I'd have him back, admittedly due to his name. He's known as 'View to a Kill' in the Uboat household.
  • If he'll sign in pay per play then why not
  • even if the manager wants him i cant see the top brass having him back ever
  • Liam how did u get this scoop! tell us the story?
  • Is he training with us
  • Not my story, just the only one available with login details to upload. Mark Ritson did a fantastic job breaking this story, finding Yassin at the ground after the Rochdale win. He has attended several games this season, apparently, visiting friends and attempting to keep his name around while he fights to resurrect his career.

    I'm for his return in a way, but what I also know is that his fall-out with Parkinson, like many Parky disagreements, was because of an attitude problem. If you were signed by Pardew and struggled to get along with Parky, a dodgy attitude is almost always the cause.

    Perhaps his fall from prodigal status has matured him, though. It will be an interesting situation and we'll try to get more from Chris Powell on the matter before the season's end.
  • Blimey.....I really don't know what to make of this!
  • I'd have him back in a flash , thought he was very good player , with lots of potential.
  • Why not it wasn't due to footballing reasons he is more than capable live and let live
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  • Exactly, no need to tell anyone else about the rumours. Mum's the word.
  • What can I say arter that comment
  • Powell was here as a player in 07/8 so will have seen Moo2 in action and have an informed view as to whether or not he is a "bad egg" and disruptive.

    He did look as though he could play a bit initially before it all went pear shaped so I guess this is another situation to Trust in SCP although, if I'm honest, MY instinct is thanks but no thanks.
  • i doubt very much that Moutakill will be back and i am not keen on him returning, looking for positives in him he is either not good enough or has a bad attitude. I actually think he is not good enough and has a bad attitude.Remember when we needed a good right back (not saying we dont now) he didnt or couldnt step up to plate. Lets not look back.
  • Let's just be clear that we are talking about a former Prem player of ours - that failed in Scotland and now can't get a club.

    Forget it.
  • Have to say would be intrigued at the possibility of Mouts as a RM/RW as he looked a liability in terms of defending (albeit a division higher) and with his pace and trickery could be an asset on the right.

    If Youga can prove his fitness, Powell has hinted he will have a role to play then we may possibly have some very attacking FBs.
  • Moo2 and Youga as wing backs with three centre backs might work.

    At their best as a pair they really excited me , I particularly remember the home match against Stoke where they looked the part against a team which ultimately got promoted .

    If he does return ,what a waste of money paying his contract last year was although I was told there were payments which could not be sustained.

    So its a maybe from me ,I too will trust SCP's judgement on this one.
  • Really don't know what to say about this. Quite shocked.
  • Cant see this happening , i reckon bridges have been burnt.
  • worth a punt imo, If he comes, trains well and now has a good attitude then why not?
    But I do understand the possible disadvantages, not living up to it, being a liabilty etc etc.

    So, as others have said, in Chriss Powell I trust.
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  • Thoroughly rotten rather than a mere bad egg. We've got two players under contract in that position. Good grief a young player who wasn't given a contract in time by the club gets courted by a side that'll be playing in the champions league and people call him disloyal scum. A dirtbag that failed to live up to his potential despite enormous wages takes a pay-off from the club, fails to impress any other club in the world and some would welcome him back.

    One's a pocket liner that caused issues, failed to develop his talent and was shown the door at enormous cost, the other worked hard and was recognized at a higher level.
  • Er, he has not got a club and is desperate for a job - of course he would "love to play for Charlton!"
  • some on here said he couldn't defend - so we went out & bought Simon Francis instead!!

    i'd have him back like a shot but he'll have to understand that he wont be on the £8k that he was previusly !

    his previuos problema have all left ( player & manager) so no reason why we can't wipe the slate clean.
  • Hardly a scoop is it. We have all known for ages that he has been attending games and of course he'd love to play for us again. If we were interested surely CP would have signed him up on a short term contract and got him in the building to access his attitude and maybe even have given an outing in the first team. Saying that I'd have him back, if we could get rid of Francis he'd be competition/cover for Solly.
  • Was French Under 21 captain when he came to us despite Barcelona & Milan amongst others trying to sign him, plenty of varied rumours about him. Who knows what was true & what wasnt. One of the rumours is that he was a disruptive influence & didn't get on with anyone. The fact that he comes to watch some of his old team mates & is given Club clearence for entry to the players lounge suggest that that one was the utter bullshit that some on here like to spread.
    Looked a good player until injured at Stoke away & then it all seemed to go downhill. Rumours of a fight with Harry Arter (count the number of fights on the man city training ground this year, happens all the time) His bad attitude & unpopularity with players, that one was countered by the fact that he is/was a practising muslim & wouldn't go out with his team mates drinking in lap dancing clubs.
    Whatever the reasons 2 managers chose not to play him, the guy was on a contract agreed by the club, why should he have walked away. If he had behaved so appallingly I've no doubt the clubs lawyers would have found a way to terminate his contract.

    End of the day if he can regain his earlier promise I'd have him back in a shot, if he's not up to it fair enough .
  • No thanks. He had pace and talent yes but why should we give him another chance after trying to get rid of him for so long?

    If Powell really believes he could turn his career around then fair enough, but there are other options out there that would be far less of a gamble.

    Parky cleared out the players with the wrong attitude, why risk going back to that. I'd rather see us sign a few proven solid League 1 players who are improving and could eventually step up to the Championship. Pick out the new Kinsella's and Kiely's and not gamble on trying to be the one club that gets the best out of the Yassin's and Marcus Bent's.
    [cite]Posted By: charltonbob[/cite]Looked a good player until injured at Stoke away
    That was only the second league game of the season...
  • Not unless it is a weekly contract we can terminate at any time and on very low wages. Even then I am relctant - there is a reason he does not have a club about a year after leaving us.
  • Would love to see Yassin back and earn a roster spot.  As with others, I trust SCP on making the right call for the club.
  • A solid defence is what we need, how does moot fit in with this ?
  • Hope he comes back ... would be a good addition.

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