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Traveling from Calgary

Hey everyone,
first time posting, but I have been reading for board for awhile now, I am going to the Charlton v Hartlepool game on the last day of the season, although I have been to the Valley a few times, the 5 people I am going with have never gone. Basically I am looking for a good pub to go to before the game thats near the stadium, the more Charlton supporters the better. Also if there is a good place nearby to get some fish n chips that anyone knows of that would be great.

Thanks for the help


  • Well, there is a good fish and chip shop on Floyd road as you walk down the from the train station, you cant miss it.
    As for the pub, that's a massively loaded question, personally I am not in the forum clique, so I will answer on personal experience, go to the end of Floyd road past the ground (with the ground being on your right as you pass it) turn left, 100metres then you hit the oak, Decent boozer, you can stand outside and its the nearest to the ground, have fun. time between the chippy and the boozer walk wise is about 4-5 minutes.
  • and I was in TO last week, been there many many times and I loved it as usual.......
  • [cite]Posted By: fatkit[/cite]the oak, Decent boozer,

    Don't wind him up
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    Canmore-ite me!! Hope you are enjoying our never ending winter - more snow this weekend :(

    Would be nice to get together with the numerous Western Canadian Addicks and watch a CAFC game - however crowding round a laptop watching a postage stamp sized, dodgy link on Justin.TV isnt really the best scenario!!
  • Oakster: I can't believe how much snow we have this year, were only going to have 3 months of no snow this year. As for watching a game, I was really hoping Charlton would go up this year so I could justify to my wife why we should get Setanta.

    And thanks to fatkit for the advice, much appreciated.
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