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Collecting votes for Player of the Year

From the Fans' Forum

The Player of The Year Dinner is progressing well thanks to a lot of work by Jean Huelin (our Fanny Fannackapan).

Tickets are now on sale through the box office at £25 each.

The date is 1st May. Chris Powell has confirmed that the first team squad will be in attendance and some directors and staff are also going to be there.

One very important point is that we need to rustle up some more people to collect votes before the next two home games. Ideally we will have about 20 people involved as that will cover all entrances to the ground. If you are able to help, let Ian Wallis [email protected] or Fanny Fannakapan on here know soonest. The plan is to meet for a quick drink in Bartrams about 1.00 and then canvas for votes 2.00 till 2.45. I think we are still about 12 short of our numbers so any help will be appreciated.

Any volunteers to collect slips in the Con Club or other pubs most welcome

Keep the faith


Off-It I've checked and the Ball Boys are not available : - )


  • Fanny, I don't mind collecting the votes in The Lib before the next 2 Home games if that helps. MOG.
  • Just seen this , MOG as we have been away in Tenareef for the week . Many thanks for your offer though, and I'm guessing that either Ian or Henry " sorted you out" IYKWIM.

    Thanks again and any further offers of help before the match on Easter Monday would be gratefully received.
  • The bods doing it at the game yesterday did a very good job, very visible and in good humour even when they heard the same joke repeatedly (I was standing by one for five minutes and must have heard none of the above thirty times)
  • Merci beaucoup, cfgs.
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