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New Charlton Fan On The Way

For those of you that know us, myself and Steve are expecting our first baby on 11 July. All going fine so far other than swollen ankles and a tight fitting Charlton shirt :-)

Lookout - its a toss up between our first wedding anniversary on 26th June or baby arriving so we'll get the cheque in the post after what comes first :-)


  • Congratulations, but dont you think its a bit harsh on the baby, no-one deserves to be put through the charlton ordeal ;)
  • [quote][cite]Posted By: Folev the red[/cite]Congratulations, but dont you think its a bit harsh on the baby, no-one deserves to be put through the charlton ordeal ;)[/quote]

  • Congratulations, I don't think it was the toss up though!!
  • Congratulations to you and Steve, Maria.

    Eventful 12 months !
  • The first CL baby?

    Definitely a member of the clique by default!

    Congratulations to you both!
  • Poor little bugger! ;)

  • Congrats!!!
  • The lengths some people will go to for a badge !

    Congrats Maria and Toby Le Rone, chuffed for the pair of you
  • Yeah! That's fantastic news xxxxxx
  • congrats to you both
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  • Congrats to you both.
  • Many congrats!
  • Congratulations to you both.
  • Perhaps you should keep mum about the Charlton thing 'til he/she is about 15: just say you're going shopping on Saturday afternoons. Congratulations.
  • Nice one. All the best to you and Ultra!
  • Congratulations!
  • Thank you all for you lovely messages.

    Our outlook on the Charlton thing is that Mummy and Daddy and the rest of the family put ourselves through this - so for all the Heartburn, Swollen Ankles, backache and kicking from the inside - they will be put through the torment of being a Charlton Supporter LOL

    Only kidding - we will let he/she decide when they are older.

    AFKA - Well we thought it was the only way we would get a CL Badge, now we/CL have the hat-trick, Engagement/Wedding/Baby........... ;o)
  • Congratulations, hopefully he/she will bring us some luck....
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