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Virus has attacked my system whilst on CL this afternoon and I am unable to download anything to remove or open any existing files on my PC. Any suggestions please?


  • Ok mate what tools do you have?

    First you need a screwdriver and take the hood off the unit. If parts of the inside are green then you are fucked. If its green then take a hammer and hit it real hard before it infects your mouse and keyboard further. When it isnt so green, put the hood on, and screw it back on. Turn on your fixed PC
  • Buy a Mac?
  • I have avast and that has stopped three viruses from charlton life
  • I had a virus called System Tool the otehr day. Had to system restore in safe mode.
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    [cite]Posted By: SE23[/cite]System restore to a date before the virus appeared.

    From the net:

    1 First you must make sure your Laptop Computer is off.

    2 Now look for the "F8" key on the keyboard, it is always on the top middle of your keyboard.

    3 Power up your computer (Turn it on) At the SAME time that you power up your Laptop, start pressing and releasing the F8 key UNTIL you see a menu screen appear on your display monitor.

    4 Now look for the selection that says "Safe Mode". When you see this, scroll to it, select and hit enter. You wil see lots of letters and numbers flash across your screen, this is normal.

    5 Wait until your Laptops desktop appears. Now go to the start button in the bottom left corner of the page, press it.

    6 Look for the "Search" area and type in system restore there and press search. When you see the selection appear in the results field for system restore, press it and you will be taken to a system restore page.

    7 It is vitally important to know WHEN your virus FIRST appeared in your Laptop. The reason is that we want to restore your Laptop to a date BEFORE the virus was installed. So if you first saw the virus, say, yesterday, you want to choose a system restore point the day BEFORE that or two days before that.

    8 Choose the date that is appropriate and hit Restore my computer to this date. The Laptop will automatically shut off and then turn back on again, it may take about 5 minutes, just let it do its thing.
  • System Tool is what I have. Please could explain how you restored in safe mode. Thanks
  • System restore to date before virus appeared did not work. Thanks
  • see my edited post
  • Sorry to hear about your PC problems.

    This throws up an interesting question - how safe is this site to use? Last week my Norton security kept throwing up a message saying this is a well-known site for viruses and don't go there.

    Do people visiting this site often end up with viruses in their PCs?
  • OOps -- didn't see the separate thread on this below. Sorry!
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  • download and run malwarebytes or lavasoft adaware and do a full system scan with them, also full system scan with you usual pc internet security thing, can take ages though
  • Saga Lout runs a repair business for PC's.

    He will give you an honest assessment and price.

    Give him a whisper....
  • Thanks to everyone for their help and advice. Problem now solved and I am off to Bournemouth, although somewhat later than planned..
  • [cite]Posted By: Greenie[/cite]Buy a Mac?

    THIS all day long.
  • Snap

    Come up blackhole
  • [cite]Posted By: SE23[/cite]System restore to a date before the virus appeared.

    WTF???? system restore will NOT remove a virus, no matter how far back you go.
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