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Had never heard of this fella before, prob because I live overseas. Just found this clip hilarious.

From last year sometime....


  • that was so brillantly funny!
  • I did enjoy that, hadn't seen it before. Didn't find him funny at all when I first came across him ages ago, but Gavin and Stacey is brilliant.
  • Have you seen the red nose day one?
  • can't believe I've never seen these before!!

    Smithy takes on the England team...
  • I hate that stupid fat barst!! Thinks he is the nuts!! Cock!
  • He's as funny as losing at Dagenham & Redbridge.
  • He's not everyones cup of tea CrazyAddick but i love enjoy Gavin and Stacey and all the Red Nose day clips. Very funny.

    You will love Gavin and Stacey so worth ordering the box set.
  • James Cordon knows feck all about football, it really pisses me off that he always gets these type of things, I put him in the same category of Max 'Twat' Rushden and Jamie 'it's the Big 5 cos my dad runs Spurs' Redknapp
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