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Simon Francis - New 5 Year Deal Offered

Woke up from a nightmare - what a scary thought!


  • Christ..
  • Aaaaaaaaand there goes all my new found positivity. Cheers bud. :P
  • At Southend ................ wahooo the whole thing was a dream!!!
  • I heard this too.

    The warranty on his washing machine runs out at the end of this month.
  • i think francis is a great player and will become a charlton legend if he continues to defend well and attack. This will boost his confidence and perform twice as well as what he has done this season.
  • agreed. francis recieves so much abuse it is unbelievable. if we showed him some support then cafc_elliot might be right.
  • He shows quite a lot of potential to me- Certainly not in the McCormack criteria and fans ought to give him a break. If we lose Jenkinson - I'm quite happy with Francis vying for a place with Solly. Take him out of the equation and RB becomes a potential weak area- be careful what you wish for peeps. I can see enough in the bloke to give him a break - don't undersatnd why others can't.
  • your right. we need to give him as much support as we do with the rest of the team.
  • [cite]Posted By: cafc_elliot[/cite]your right. we need to give him as much support as we do with the rest of the team.

    So none then, just keep booing him when we aren't winning after 20 minutes?
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  • edited March 2011
    Thought booing him when he was warming up was a disgrace - I don't boo but I can understand collective booing of the team when they have been dreadful - I don't want to get into a debate whether it is good for the team or bad- but booing and individual player is never going to make them play better and actually makes them more liable to make mistakes- cost the team points- get more boos. It is a no brainer - unfortunately that fact doesn't preclude a good number of those that do it.

    Francis has made errors - yes and some have been poor. He has also shown some very good attacking link up play and some good defending. His physique is a bonus and there is a good player in there. I'd hate to see some other club getting the benefits but we could be heading that way with him.
  • Now up to 2nd choice. Is it time to blood Cousins and Osbourne? Didn't Koch play in the Prem at 16 or were we a division below?
  • I'd like to see him given a shot at Centre Back. Got the height & the speed. A bit of coaching & he could be that mobile, younger CB we are crying out for.
  • Things are finally looking up!
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