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The Millwall Footballer Who Runs a Cattery

Always thought Millwall were a bunch of pussies.


  • A pal of mine has been a friend of DW since school and says he is a solid bloke.

    He has regrets about missing football with 2 long injuries and is a great bloke to have around the training ground.

    I thought he was an asset when he was with us, and it's worth bearing in mind that the Spanners, and now Brighton, got out of L1 on team spirit and
    without spending big money on players - instead using players like Ward, Harris, Purse, and Brighton using Kish, Tarricco etc.
  • I thought that he was one of the better players that we had on loan and was disappointed that we couldn't get him permanently; evidently, our loss was the spanner's gain.

    Seems like a nice bloke and is not afraid to show his caring side in a very macho environment, so hats off to you Mr Ward, you obviously have balls of steel.
  • Liked him when he was here and would have been a good asset last season, for a Spanner he seems a decent guy aswell.
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