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Charlton Life - 2041

Just a few possible headlines from this site in 30 years time:

New Bird on Countdown - Yes, I would be prepared to indulge in pseudo-impregnation

Match thread - Addicks face tough test at the Sea of Tranquility in the second leg of the Interstellar Trophy

Target 100,000 - Airman Brown reveals plans to fill the top three tiers of the UberValley with "all tickets for a Grand" campaign

Charlton Life badges due next week

Any more?


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    Threads about the current scapegoat and how its his fault that we are losing...
  • A futuristic sink :-)

  • Trouble at Millwall
  • I reckon by then Dazzler will just be coming towards the end of his admin apprenticeship :-)
  • (closed) new word game - finished after every word in english dictionary is used. twice.
  • In the future we will all be the manager for 15 mins ...
  • 12 Nations - 2041
  • Henry celebrates as at long long last, cardigans are back in fashion.
  • oohaah attends his third away game
  • "Oi Basey, you're not fit to lace your old man's boots. And he was sh*t"
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  • Trev's son attacks Gary
  • Central Defenders Christian Dailly and Gary Doherty signs 1 year contract extensions!
  • Chris Powell - new director of football
  • JT & Plaaayer renew their vows
  • england top of the test cricket world for 25th consecutive year.

    they also nearly overtake burkina faso in the 50 over form of the game.
  • The "why Charlton" thread full of "my uncle took me to Charlton v Exeter for five pounds (that was what we called money before we started using the Euro) and I loved it Been going ever since apart from when doing my national service".
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    Ali al-Megrahi's death imminent.
    ronnie biggs allowed to visit him.
  • Curbs short listed for Vacant Ipswich post.
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    Shelvey finally retires ... one appearance short of the payment trigger.
  • Scenes of disorder at the official opening of the Jim Davidson stand.
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  • Charlton beat Exeter City 31-28 as Sepp Blatter Jnr defends decision to make goals 25ft wide.
  • Marcus Bent marches on in his search of the 92 - he signs a 1 year deal at Premier League Crawley Town, his 79th club.
  • [cite]Posted By: thai malaysia addick[/cite]Charlton beat Exeter City 31-28 as Sepp Blatter Jnr defends decision to make goals 25ft wide.

    MOM Bobby Elliot jnr 9/10
  • From the rumours site:
    Charlton renew their interest in Darren Purse.
  • Nathan banned from every ground in the country due to 'excessive alcohol consumption'
  • It was Kanu
  • New owners at the royal oak. might give it another try.
  • robot would ya?
  • Remember Racon and Semedo - great lads. Despite clearly having the ability to play in the prem, they stuck around through thick and thin.
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    We will park our hovercrafts in the west stand hover port and be escorted by robot hospitality clones of Jose Semedo to our virtual anti gravity seats, where we can enjoy burgers made out of soylent green and beer from the finest recycled plastic.
    The match will feature hologram players and those who don't perform to our liking can be instantly vaporised or turned into miniature Mike Smalls.
    We will laugh and reminisce about the good old days when players were "real"
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