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Labour Govt 'Wanted Lockerbie Bomber Freed'

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The Labour government developed a policy to do "all it could" to ensure the Lockerbie bomber's release from a Scottish prison, the UK's top civil servant has said........

Abdelbaset Ali al Megrahi was controversially freed from jail on compassionate grounds in August 2009.

It was claimed he had just three months to live, but al Megrahi - who received a hero's welcome on his return to Libya - is still very much alive.
O'Donell said the Labour government feared UK interests could be damaged if the bomber died in a British prison.
The cabinet secretary concluded: "Policy was, therefore, progressively developed that Her Majesty's Government should do all it could, while respecting devolved competencies, to facilitate an appeal by the Libyans to the Scottish government for Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed al Megrahi's release under the Prisoner Transfer Agreement (PTA) or for release on compassionate grounds.\
"Such an approach was understood across all relevant departments.
Sir Gus said London did not lobby Edinburgh because it thought doing so would be "counterproductive".

So a murderer, was freed, because BP would gain an advantage, and that talking to the Scottish SNP would be counterproductive....... In other words they were so 'pig headed about there own fifedom'constitution, and Parliament, but the innocent blood of the people murdered was not great enough to warrant justice being served.

How sad that, an act of terrorism goes unpunished, and that the only person found guilty is released due to 'commercial considerations'
The flight exploded over Lockerbie in December 1988, leaving 270 people dead, including 43 British citizens and 190 Americans........
The documents also show former Foreign Secretary Jack Straw was in regular contact with the Scottish Executive.

A record of a phone conversation between Mr Straw and Kenny MacAskill, Scottish Justice Secretary, in November 2007 reads: "JS explained that Libya had made it clear that if AM is named specifically on the PTA then the BP contract will not be signed.

Apparently the foreign office were 'advising the Libyan's how to secure the Libyan's release'......

Shame on you, and the stain of the murdered victims blood I hope haunt's your thoughts till you die!

What a dreadful, state of affairs!

p.s. I have never voted Tory in my life, I just think this is a terrible way to act on the death of innocent people.


  • If the Tories had been in power at the time, I wonder how they would've acted. Of course they were not, so now they are able to throw up their hands in disgust at what the Labour government did to aid UK businesses.
  • We'll never know. I imagine like most people they'd think they'd never make up lies to let a murderer escape justice to make a few pounds.
  • Far be it for me to get in the way of party loyalty but where does it state anything about the tories in this?? It was a Civil Servants quote who was there during the labour governments tenure, not a tory spokesman.

    Jeez is it impossible to ever see other peoples point of view anymore in this country with the blinkers off.
  • Wonder if Chrissy will make any changes on Saturday.
  • Sometimes in life there are things that are beyond 'party lines' or not standing up to things that are wrong!......

    The Prime Minister told the Commons that the last government should have condemned the bomber's release not gone along with it.

    And facilitating the Libyan appeal was a "key part of the game plan" for the former government, Mr Cameron added.

    He said: "Was it really right for the British government to facilitate an appeal by the Libyans to the Scottish government in the case of an individual who was convicted of murdering 270 people?

    "That for me is the biggest lesson of this entire affair. For my part I repeat, I believe it was profoundly wrong."

    Tory, liberal, New labour, Blair,.. however as quoted 'it was profoundly wrong' a 'Scottish Decision' according to the report, a profoundly bad Scottish decision apparently!........
  • Abdelbaset Ali al Megrahi wasn't involved in the first place. He's just an easy patsy for the West.

    The real people responsible for the carnage that was Flight 103 have never and will never be bought to justice.
  • "miscarriage of justice" maybe........

    Interesting reading fastfoward, little evidence of who did it though!....... unless of course you think it was the CIA, or even MI5!.

    Why did Gaddafee not hand over the guilty men then!. Was it not the Libyian goverment that 'handed him over in the first place'!

    A bit like a 'patsy' all JFK and Jack Ruby/Lee Harvey Oswald, such is the stuff of conspiracy theory 'wet dreams'.

    Trouble is.......
    There were at least four U.S. intelligence officers on the passenger list, with rumours, never confirmed, of a fifth onboard. The presence of these men on the flight later gave rise to a number of conspiracy theories, in which one or more of them were said to have been targeted.[18]
    Matthew Gannon, the CIA's deputy station chief in Beirut, Lebanon, was sitting in Clipper Class, Pan Am's version of business class,[19] seat 14J. Major Chuck "Tiny" McKee, an army officer on secondment to the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) in Beirut, sat behind Gannon in the center aisle in seat 15F. Two Diplomatic Security Service special agents, acting as bodyguards to Gannon and McKee, were sitting in economy: Ronald Lariviere, a security officer from the U.S. Embassy in Beirut, was in 20H, and Daniel O'Connor, a security officer from the U.S. Embassy in Nicosia, Cyprus, sat five rows behind Lariviere in 25H, both men seated over the right wing. The four men had flown together out of Cyprus that morning. There was also a Department of Justice Special Agent on the flight, Assistant Deputy Director Michael S. Bernstein.
    Also on board, in seat 53K at the back of the plane, was 21-year-old Khalid Nazir Jaafar, who had moved from Lebanon to Detroit with his family, where his father ran a successful auto-repair business. Because of his Lebanese background, and because he was returning from having visited relatives there, Jaafar's name later figured prominently in the investigation into the bombing, as well as in conspiracy theories concerning the Lockerbie bombing.
    The South African foreign minister Pik Botha and a minor delegation of 22 was supposed to board Pan Am 103, but managed to take the earlier Pan Am 101 flight. They were on their way to New York to sign the tripartite agreement whereby South Africa agreed to hand control of Namibia to the United Nations. The UN commissioner appointed to take over, Bernt Carlsson was among the victims of flight 103 as mentioned above.

    Trouble is at the end of the day innocent people were killed, innocent people on the ground, and on the plane, smoke and mirror
    Rock musician John Lydon (“Johnny Rotten”) of the Sex Pistols and Public Image Ltd. and his wife, Nora, were also booked on Pan Am Flight 103, but missed it due to delays....

    Any miscarriage of justice, erodes the basis of our society, and reflects on us as a nation like a cancer.
  • But that's just it - there wasn't a Libyan connection. The plot was an Iranian planned and organised operation, using Palestinian terrorist to carry out a revenge attack after the US Navy decided to shoot down an Iranian 747 killing hundreds of innocent Iranian citizens.

    That New Statesman article only touches the surface of the set up trial and the subsequent cover up of the true reasons and motives behind the bomb. Paul Foot's investigation into several of the points raised is a fascinating insight into the political motives as to why it was easy to blame 'the lone gunman' into taking the hit for what was quite clearly a far larger operation, involving several people

    If Megrahi had proceeded with his appeal, his new and deliberately suppressed evidence would have started up the whole process again and an understanding of how and why he was stitched up for the benefit of "strategic interests".
  • On 16 August 2003 Libya formally admitted responsibility (but did not admit guilt) for Pan Am Flight 103 in a letter presented to the president of the United Nations Security Council. Felicity Barringer of The New York Times said that the letter had "general language that lacked any expression of remorse" for the people killed in the bombing.[72] The letter stated that it "accepted responsibility for the actions of its officials

    "On 15 August 2003, Libya's UN ambassador, Ahmed Own, submitted a letter to the UN Security Council formally accepting "responsibility for the actions of its officials" in relation to the Lockerbie bombing.[82] The Libyan government then proceeded to pay compensation to each family of US$8 million (from which legal fees of about US$2.5 million were deducted) and, as a result, the UN cancelled the sanctions that had been suspended four years earlier, and US trade sanctions were lifted. A further US$2 million would have gone to each family had the US State Department removed Libya from its list of states regarded as supporting international terrorism, but as this did not happen by the deadline set by Libya, the Libyan Central Bank withdrew the remaining US$540 million in April 2005 from the escrow account in Switzerland through which the earlier US$2.16 billion compensation for the victims' families had been paid.[83] The United States announced resumption of full diplomatic relations with Libya after deciding to remove it from its list of countries that support terrorism on 15 May 2006

    Well Addicted this is what Wicki states....... choose your own theory.
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  • Is this a serious thread? This story was all over most websites about a month ago. Everyone knows the guy was fitted up in the first place and was released early to prevent his conviction being quashed and him claiming (rightly) millions in compensation. There's lots of things the crooked labour government should de dragged through the mire for, this ain't one, releasing him when they did saved the country a fortune...
  • [cite]Posted By: ken from bexley[/cite] ....... as a result, the UN cancelled the sanctions that had been suspended four years earlier, and US trade sanctions were lifted. ......... The United States announced resumption of full diplomatic relations with Libya after deciding to remove it from its list of countries that support terrorism on 15 May 2006

    All that for a few million straight off the printing presses and no acknowledgement of guilt.
  • [cite]Posted By: spiritof1947[/cite]There's lots of things the crooked labour government should de dragged through the mire for, this ain't one, releasing him when they did saved the country a fortune...
    "So are we not discussing who is really being 'screwed' ....... just the price eh!" replied the hooker......
  • politics is all corrupt shite

    we need a revolution, we need to rebel and bring down this whole fradulant bunch of self serving bstds, no matter what party they are we need a new regime and a new style of leader.

    amongst all the lies and conspiracy there are victims that everyone forgets and that is those that died

    look at 911, lockerbie,Diana

    all with victims yet people focus on who set who up.
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