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Notts County - where to stay?

Hi all. Basically as some of you already know, getting the train back to london that friday night isn't a possibility. So i thought i might aswell just stay in nottingham and then go home in the morning. Now im really rubbish with all this booking accomodation on the interweb, so i was wondering if anyone knows of the best ways/best sites to go on, or does anyone know of any specific cheap places like a travelodge that are near the ground.
Many thanks.


  • Hooters. Allnight.

    In all seriousness there is a Holiday Inn right outside the station and in view of the ground.
  • Travelodge is near Hooters.......apparently
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    Jury inn up the road. The Balmoral B&B just down the road.
  • The cheapest place in town is The Gresham Hotel. But you'd have to be very brave to stay there.
  • Travelodge is on Maid Marian Way, in the city centre, not near the ground (or Hooters), but close to the pubs

    Jury's is near the train station and the ground

    The Gresham is next to the train station, but I wasn't sure it was still open. That says all I need to say about the place.

    There are lots of B&Bs in West Bridgford, on Radcliffe Road, which is across the river from the ground. The Swans and the Windsor are two names I've been given by a local.

    There's a few others in the city centre, but I can't remember their names. Another one or two on Maid Marian Way, another one near the Ice Arena and one just off Parliament St. My mind's gone blank on their names, sorry. One of them's a Day's Inn
  • Had a look on Google Maps

    Holiday Inn and Park Plaza on Maid Marian Way, along with Travelodge. If memory serves, Travelodge would be the cheapest of those ones.

    My best suggestion is to have a look at the B&Bs in Bridgford
  • 10 mins walk from the ground, towards town are: Jury's Inn & Premier Inn. Balmoral is about 15mins down the A60 Loughborough Road and is probably cheaper. If you are drinking after(or before) the game, West Bridgford has good watering holes - Fire & Ice, Stratford Haven, Fellicini etc. Don't go into the middle of Nottingham. It is not pleasant on a Friday night. The Southbank Bar is just over Trent Bridge, by the Forest Ground and it's pleasant but a bit basic. Do not drink in bars near the station; they're just weird.

    I'll be with you in the crowd & I live in West Bridgford.

    Let's hope for a great away win
  • thanks guys for all the help, i'll have a look into all of the suggestions and im sure theres something that'll suit me and my mates fine.
    Lets hope i can sleep in nottingham happy in the knowledge that charlton are on the up.
  • We booked a family room in the traelodge for £19 about a month ago. Getting up there around 1230. Oh dear!!!!
  • I'm going up Friday afternoon and staying up there the night. Making a bit of a night of it. I'm thinking of staying closer to the pubs/bars/clubs rather than the ground but don't have a scooby la roo where to stay or even go out tbh. Can you get a family room for 4 adults at a travel lodge or does it have to be 2 adults 2 kids
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  • I'm up there every week and stay in the Premier Inn on London Road by the station, it's al right and they've improved the menu this year.

    As for drinks, we're drinking at the County Club.
  • The Larwood and Voce behind the cricket ground is a cracking pub.
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