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new manager new coaching team

How about Steve Brown and Gary Nelson all red blooded Robins - next stop The Championship


  • Nostalgia insanity takes over. Deano. Steve Brown. Gary Nelson. Hales. Flanagan. Richie Bowman. Ah those were the days. They don't make films, music, players like that any more.
  • Theo Foley for Director of Football.

    And Paul Mortimer as 1st team coach?

  • Mortimer is already managing the Charlton Ladies team.
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    [cite]Posted By: American_Addick[/cite]Mortimer is already managing the Charlton Ladies team.

    What does that mean?

    Powell was already coaching Leicester City.

    But I do think you overlooked the smiley on my previous post. Here it is again ......
  • Already a thread on this SINK
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