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Internet explorer problem ...I think

My computer for some reason will not run facebook. I click on to it and it will just sit there trying to load. Any idea's please as it's doing my head in lol.


  • they could be doing some maintenance on it or try it using Firefox?
  • All over laptop's in the house are working fine. I will try Firefox, thank you.
  • Firefox doing the same I'm sorry to say.. Would it be anything to do with Java? Or whatever the other software involved is?
  • this hapened to me a couple of minutes ago couldnt get on CL or Facebook
    turned my computer off for 10 mins and its working ok now
  • There has been a network problem today which has affected a lot of the uk internet backbone. Anyone who uses BT (either as a direct customer or via LLU) may have experienced problems connecting to various sites (Facebook amongst them).

    I've been speaking to the internet exchanges and BT about it on and off all day - problem is apparently fixed now.
  • Ah brilliant, Thanks for that Leroy.
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