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Dennis wise to NOT be director of football

There is a completely unsubstantiated rumour going around that Dennis Wise will NOT be installed as director of football at Charlton Athletic.

Some bloke in a pub said something about it ages ago, LIKE MONTHS AND MONTHS OR SOMETHING, and since then the news has spread like WILDFIRE!

Apparently, Mr Wise has NOT been seen at a number of game this season and has little or NO connection to Charlton's current or prospective owners.

This news will come as a MASSIVE shock to retailers of trousers for the shorter gentleman in South East London.


  • The fact that I DIDN'T SEE him at the Valley this afternoon would suggest that this might have some legs.
  • He definately didn't fly into Gatwick on the Dubai express today, I reckon it's all just rumours
  • There is a report in one of the tabloids today that Dennis Wise was watching the Brum v Man U game on the box, at his home last night, when he may have seen Bobby CHARLTON in the directors box.

    Therefore I think we can safely say that this means that Wisey will definitely be our new D of F. You just don't get conincidences like that.
  • I was playing golf yesterday, I was putting for a par but had a "Dennis Wise" to win the hole, a nasty little 4 footer.
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