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Welling Vs Bromley *REARRANGED MATCH TONIGHT 7:45*

With the Brighton game on the 29th, any other lifers planning on going along to this? I know there's plenty of people who follow either Welling or Bromley on here should be a good day out and a good chance to get a good crowd down there which will help with Welling's finances.


  • Good shout Olly. Do you know kick-off time?
  • 3pm Kick Off. Hopefully the weather will have sorted itself out by the 28th
  • yep, already got this one pencilled in, couple of games on the box straight after as well so a bit of an all dayer in prospect !
  • cmon the brom
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    I may do ebbsfleet versus dartford, they came in the shop and I got them out of the doodo, their shirt supplier had let them down and they needed 6 shirts matched to the existing shirts, for the mascot's.They needed them turned around in a couple of days.Here's hoping it leads to more business.
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    i am off to ebbsfleet vs dartford with my Dad, just down the road so it would be rude not to.
  • Come on Welling!
  • So, what's the chances of this going ahead tomorrow?
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    With improved conditions and rising temperatures I'd expect it to be a goer! But apparently Welling wanted volunteers to clear snow from the pitch today, which seems bizzarre to have left it so late. Anyway, hope it'll all be ok, looking forward to it.

    Pitch Inspection 10:30 am tomorrow
  • Although just read this on Welling's forum...

    In all a small turn out today, and hard graft done by all but we still didn't manage to clear all the snow.

    Even though pitch soft in places a majority of it hard still when we stopped at 5 o clock.

    As for the game I would say 40/60 against. But all we need is some Rain and mild weather and that could change to 50/50.

    Not really looking good in my opinion.
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  • Pitch inspection 10.30 tomorrow
  • been raining here overnight, nowhere near as cold as it has been, hopefully this one will be on, looking forward to a decent day out.
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    Game off. Seems like Welling left it far too late to do anything about it to me but hey ho. This Christmas is getting very boring with no football
  • Game is off.
  • I've just wandered round to get a paper and the ground is all open, walked in and onto the pitch.....if that game cannot be played then they'll never end up playing anything.

    A bit of snow on the pitch that will probably be washed away by KO time, other than that, it's perfect.

    ridiculous !!!
  • Rearranged fixture is tonight. Anyone else going?
  • Not going, but......COME ON WELLING !!
  • didn't realise that, agreed earlier to play at Goals in Bexleyheath otherwise would've definately wandered over
  • Bromley are all over the place so Welling win
  • bromley in shocking form. Welling need a win badly tho as they have played a few more than those around them.

    come on the wings.
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  • According to twitter (so must be true) Welling named only 1 sub and he's not there as his wife is giving birth
  • Bromley score in 36 min but lead lasts only 3 minutes. 1 - 1
  • Hope Bromley will turn around there bad run of form tonight.
  • Welling have only 12 fit players but the league wont let them sign players due to their money problems.
  • Had a Text from my son to say Ben Greenhalgh is sitting in front of him. He would be a decent sub imho given that he's been playing in the Italian League albeit not in Seria A for Inter.
  • Welling are 2-1 up with a minute or so to go and floolights have failed!
  • [cite]Posted By: Addick Addict[/cite]Welling are 2-1 up with a minute or so to go and floolights have failed!

    Match abandoned fortunately for Bromley.
  • Match abandoned
  • Serious comment by covered end junior :-

    "They should have played the last minute in the dark, everyone could have got their phones out" kin 'ell !
  • Should have sent him to ravenswood : - )
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