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Parky to leave upon takeover completion ?

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Any takeover changes you may have seen or heard put here.

I've heard parky to leave and Larges point r.e wise taking notes.

Could be nothing, could be something!

Any others?


  • hopefully not, we wont go up with a new manager with a whole new crop of players
  • Arm Torpedoes...
  • Haven't we got enough Takeover new threads, not another Sink
  • Ridiculous thread, Dazzler.

    Where have you ''heard'' this?

    A couple of people speculating that perhaps the reason we were so crap on Sunday was that the players had heard Parky is on his way out.

    I heard we were crap on Sunday because there was a fight in the dressing room over a disagreement about who deserved to win the X-Factor (insert whatever other bizarre rumour anyone fancies starting...)
  • [cite]Posted By: Friend Or Defoe[/cite]Jesus...

    We're signing Jesus Navas? Awesome
  • [quote][cite]Posted By: Friend Or Defoe[/cite]Jesus...[/quote]

    Yes what do you want ?
  • can't see a managerial change at xmas although be happy if it did happen and the new man was given a few quid to sort out the team. Think it's more likely in the summer when i believe all the managerial contracts run out. Hopefully Pardew can take some of them off our hands before then. I'm sure he'll be back for Chapple - talent spotter extraordinaire.
  • [quote][cite]Posted By: leftbehind[/cite][quote][cite]Posted By: Friend Or Defoe[/cite]Jesus...[/quote]

    Yes what do you want ?[/quote]I'm fed up of this water, please do the usual.
  • I heard a rumour that the players were fighting over which Wings album is the best as the rumour mill put Paul McCartney's name back in the mix. Akpo thought Band on the Run, Waggy thought Venus and Mars and then it all went haywire.
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  • It's just happened at Blackburn, so who knows???? Takeover has to happen first!!
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