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Rochdale Away

Me and my old man were planning to go up to this just wondering if anyone got any prices on trains from London upwards ?


  • Got mine for 22 quid return, this was with a 16-25 railcard however and a couple of weeks back.

    Check out, and also the option of singles rather than returns. Sometimes works out cheaper.
  • London to Manchester return paid £27, but this was end of September on
  • I'm going to be a fairweather and hold out until I know what we're doing in the cups. Need to be very careful with money before Christmas atm so if we make it through both and get a cracker in the FACR2 and we get another away JPT I might have to be sensible and pick and choose.

    Hopefully the last few cheap rail tickets won't be all gone by next week!

    Looked for this game pretty much first after 1st game/xmas fixtures back in June so I'm going to give it a go!
  • Looks like we'll go north for the weekend , by car.
  • Trains discussed here

    Thinking what airman said, i dont think it matters what time train im on from rochdale as long as Im back at Piccadilly by 6.30. hopefully that is doable?
  • we are on 17.30 from rochdale and 9.20 from euston. The littlen is really looking forward to this game. So am I. Just hope Joe manages to get me home alright
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