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Can anyone help me with this?

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Trying to buy tickets for Barcalona but i'm getting this message.....

Ho sentim, el servei de venda d'entrades no està disponible en aquests moments

Pots a comprar entrades per fent click aquí

I'm guessing the page is down but not 100%



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    It's something along the lines of hello, the server is not available at this time.

    To buy tickets from click here

    Good luck fella
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    google translates for you

    Sorry, the ticketing service is not available at this time

    You can buy tickets by clicking here

    Google Translator
  • I thought as much!

    Cheers pal
  • It translates

    'Hello, you must be a Charlton supporter. Please do not proceed, nothing that happens here will make any sense'......
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