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Charlton vs shefield wednesday

edited October 2010 in Match Day Travel
New user of charlton life but looked for a while. Is anyone going to charlton vs shefield wednesday on the train on the ramsgate to charing x line via dover? Or another way near south east kent. Normally get that train with a friend although he isn't going to that game. the journey will be boring alone im sure! Any company will be appreciated (and will receive a few beers). Cheers!


  • Why don't you get the coach. CAFC run one from Ramsgate.

    I don't live your way so have no idea where the pickup's are but someone on CL will be able to advise. I would have thought it would be cheaper than the train as well.
  • train thread alert
  • I would get the coach but i feel limited in terms of time. Will be the last resort probably. Its not that much cheaper any way, about a tenner difference
  • Ill be on the train from Canterbury to charlton but will go via Gillingham as its easier
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