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Barcalona fc weekend

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I'm thinking about taking my boy to watch Barcalona one game next year to see his idol Mr Messi!

Has anyone done this?

If so can you point me in the right direcetion of the best place to go?

There are loads of firms that do this but some look like a mickey mouse outfit!!



  • I haven't been to the Nou Camp but have watched plenty of European football, I would stay away from some of the websites you find advertising tickets and buy from the club direct. I have done it for Real, Milan and Copenhagen and has always been fine, bought over the internet on their offical site, picked the tickets up from the stadium on the matchday. I think Barca is the same but there are better experts on here than me about Barca so you will no doubt get a detailed answer.
  • Cheers fella

    Can any of you Barca fans help me?
  • Just came back a couple of weeks ago, got our tickets through CAFC, good seats @ €90 each.
  • Hello mate, been to a couple of games there and both times bought from the ticket office in person the day before the match. This included their final home game of the season before last, the treble celebration game. As long as the game is not against Real Madrid, or a big Champions League game, ie. against an English club/Milan club the Nou Camp will not sell out and it is easy peasy to get tickets pretty much in any price band you like.
  • Terry - a load of us are going for a stag do in November and we got tickets for the Villarreal game from the main site for about €40-45 each.

    Main ticket site
  • Just go there the day before the game and do the stadium tour / museum.
    You can then just purchase the tickets from the ticket office there - really easy.

    Would never use one of those sports companies as they just whack on big charges for tickets and flights etc
  • [cite]Posted By: MrOneLung[/cite]Would never use one of those sports companies as they just whack on big charges for tickets and flights etc

    I agree, a lot of people use them because they are worried about how informal arrangements on the continent seem to be compared to ours and because they don't seek advice first. With proper communication ideally 90% of these cowboys would be out of business. It's fair enough to sell ticketing and hospitality rights to 3rd parties like the Spanish clubs do to servicaixa or like the big English/Scottish clubs do with Thomson Sport - that's a commercial decision at club-level but these 300%+ mark-up merchants deserve to be driven out of town.
  • I used Easyjet and booked one of their recommended 3 star Hotels.Very reasonable and you can get tickets on the day unless ,as someone said before,theyre playing Real Madrid.
    Their Metro is excellent and cheap.Your boy would probably even enjoy the Barcelona Aquarium.
  • Thanks guys for the advice!
  • Got to do it, was out there this weekend, for some reason turned down my mums offer to pay for Barca/Valencia & went out for dinner instead..
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