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Charlton Lifeathon Update - TOTAL OF £3,300 RAISED

Ed. Please see further down this thread for hourly updates

In our competition / appeal to raise funds for the Charlton Upbeats.

We haven't given this the hard push as it is clear people are either not flush with cash, or are down with all things related to Charlton at the moment. But the Upbeats is a fantastic programme that really helps local kids with Down's Syndrome and it will be a real shame if it cannot continue too far into the future.

Thanks to the 48 people who have contributed £1,465 so far, which with Gift Aid marks up to just over £1,800.

We've just 25 hours left to try and give this a big push.

So if you are in a position to help, know of anyone (friend, boss, company) that supports these types of initiatives, or if you simply want to go halves with a mate to participate then please do so. Its a tall order, but lets see if we can get the contributions up to the £2,000 by noon Friday.

To recap on the comp, we have over a £1,000 worth of prizes to give away (see the stickied thread for details)

You can donate any amount. If you make a minimum £25 donation, your name will be entered in the prizes draw, and entered again for every £25 increment (ie. if you donate £100, you get entered 4 times).

You make your donation here:

Come on guys and girls, lets see how far we can take this in a day !


  • Our rather elderly neighbour has a son with Downs syndrome. She still weeps when she recounts how the doctor had told her to 'Take him home and treat him like you would your pet dog'. Haven't we come a long way since then? Too see that young man on the pitch telling us about the Charlton Upbeats made me quite emotional and I felt so very proud of Charlton and its supporters. Please keep it going everyone, not very often that you can give a donation and KNOW just how much of a difference your money can make. Brilliant job done by the organisers.
  • Yes come on folks. I know we asked for your money for your shirt sponsorship recently - to which 100 of you contributed - so I know its bad timing but every penny counts. Just imagine winning your chance to sit in with the directors and abuse them.

    Dig deep.
  • Bloody hell well done chaps!!
  • Great work, Danny, Brenda etc.

    Just done mine ... anonymously.

  • Dave, thats no problem - I can see it in the admin section of JustGiving. You'll be in the draw.
  • 24hrs to go UPDATE:

    Wow, thanks to:

    james Mc
    John L

    for your contributions in the last hour.

    LATEST TOTAL: £1,815

    keep it going guys and girls !!!
  • [cite]Posted By: WSS[/cite]Dave, thats no problem - I can see it in the admin section of JustGiving. You'll be in the draw.

    I was more worried about my cover being blown.

    I have a reputation for meanness to maintain, you know.

  • What an absolutely brilliant cause. Delighted to be able to help.
  • 23hrs to go UPDATE:

    Wow again, thanks to:

    Paul D
    Brian H
    Clive L

    for your contributions in the last hour.

    LATEST TOTAL: £1,950

    keep it going guys and girls, let get over the £2,000 in the next hour !!!
  • AFKA is like Terry Wogan on Children In Need
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  • Wooo hooo.

    Shall we write to Johnny Deep - wonder what he would do?!
  • 21hrs to go UPDATE:

    Wow again, thanks to:

    Red in SE8
    Deborah S

    for your contributions in the last hour.

    LATEST TOTAL: £2,050

    Great stuff people, lets keep it going. Can we get to the £2,500 mark ????

    Come on, we can do it !!

    Back to Fearne Cotton in studio.......
  • 20hrs UPDATE:

    Well that's Fearne Cotton sacked from the Charlton Lifeathon, as the total remains exactly how it was one hour ago


    Its clear it needs a mid-afternoon stir to get everyone reaching for their back pocket, so the Lifers favourite sweetheart Rachel Riley has kindly demonstrated for all you guys what to do.


    Come on guys, Rachel has agreed to do a sexy dance if we get £100 added to the total in the next hour !!
  • I did mine this morning but foolishly used my real name... AFKA hopefully you will have picked that up for the purposes of the draw?!
  • JTJT
    edited October 2010
    Just one hundred....

  • edited October 2010
    You might have a fight on your hands for Parky, Bailey's in love!!
  • Please god let me not win that Teddy!!!
  • edited October 2010
    Still sit in the NW quadrant?
    I'll deliver it at half time ; )
  • donated, happy to do so
  • [cite]Posted By: Curb_It[/cite]Please god let me not win that Teddy!!!

    can always donate it to Demelza. Or stick it up-front with Abbott.
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  • [cite]Posted By: LargeAddick[/cite]
    [cite]Posted By: Curb_It[/cite]Please god let me not win that Teddy!!!

    can always donate it to Demelza. Or stick it up-front with Abbott.

    I thought of that Large, the trouble is it would have to go to an invidual child or family as a gift (not a major problem)
    as my reckoning is Demelza would not be able to accept it because of the fire certificate issues!!
    Beaurocracy has finally gone mad.
  • Way to go folks there is a late surge on!
  • 19hr to go UPDATE:

    Well we knew good old Rachel would stir you into action !

    Thanks to:

    Another Deborah S
    Richard C
    Nathan R
    David C

    LATEST TOTAL: £2,210

    Message from Rachel:

    Thanks guys, i knew you wouldn't let me down. So here's a cheeky wiggle as a thank you

  • brilliant response today guys, keep em coming.

    We started today on £1,465 so lets see if we can raise £1,000 by the end of the day. We're just £255 short.

    We'll hopefully have a new celebrity host within the hour
  • edited October 2010
    15hrs to go UPDATE:

    good evening to our evening crew medley of ex-pats, shunned husbands because their wives are watching crap soaps, and general (lack of) social lifers !!

    Many thanks to:

    Clare C
    Cardinal Sin
    Paul C
    Daniel D (Lewis??)
    Heather A
    Heather R
    Lucky Heather

    LATEST TOTAL: £2,390

    Its been a great day, we smashed through out £2,000 target, can we get the total up to £2,500 before the late night drunks (Off It) stagger onto the site when the pubs kick out ??

    Do you reckon we can do it Obama ??

  • £2490 people - come on, there must be a tenner floating about to get us to at least £2,500 by the end of the day!
  • lol who did that last one?? very funny.
  • You're all fabulous. Im still at work and here for a while yet so I shall be doing the graveyard shift.

    We are now on 2525.00

    Thanks tSackitsteve, Mundell, Jonathan B and Claire C and of course the other named one!

    keep it rolling folks.
  • 13hrs to go UPDATE:

    many thanks to:

    Johnathon B
    Mundell F
    Up Yours Nick Gray

    LATEST TOTAL: £2,500 !!

    A brilliant late rally from the many people who have contributed today. But we refuse to rest on our laurals as we know with a bit more of a push we can turn than first figure from a 2 into a 3.

    So things are starting to get tough. Some of you need breaking, and I'll be honest, its not going to be pretty. That's why Jack Bauer is the best in the business, and that is why he why we patched his cell into our firewalls, and he is now running this operation with immediate effect. This guy does not mess around. You'd better make a donation just to be on the safe side....


    My name is Jack Bauer, i'm a CTU Federal Agent but my primary objective for this assignment is to raise money for the Charlton Upbeats programme. And we have less than 24 hours to do that. I need you to do me a favor. I need you to call your boss, or your wife, so you can get clearance to transfer the funds from your personal account into the JustGiving account linked below. Do you understand ? I don't have time to explain right now. I need you to trust me. Right now, this is our only lead. If this doesn't work out then we are left with nothing to go on.

    Do you understand me ?

    Am i getting through to you ?

    DAMMIT !!
  • Well done for the big push on this today AFKA and well done all who are supporting.
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