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Peterborough (away) sat 13th november

I know we're all not happy with the club at the moment, but i remember when the fixtures came out this was one of the games i was really looking forward to. Having a look on thetrainline there are returns for £23 and some singles for £9 each way (from kings cross), and the trains are only 45mins long.
Tickets for the game are supposed to go on sale wednesday with there being 700 seats and 500 terrace places, but i hear you can get up to 4000 terrace places depending on demand, optimistic i know.
Its not the furthest game so can we expect a healthy following, and who else reckons they'll be going?


  • Defo going
  • I think I'll be at this one.
  • Paul Sturgess, Fatter Than Andy Reid and myself all going, booked a few weeks back for £7 each way.

    I predict that by the time this comes round it'll be a top of the table clash!
  • Going to this on the way up to Liverpool for a mates birthday. Long old day.
  • il be there!!
  • Defo going, dread to think what the score will be with their scoring record but a new ground for me so kind of looking forward to it.
  • You'll need to wear body armour and tin helmets. Peterborough isn't a particularly nice place and not very welcoming
  • Many years since I have been there but I recall it was a bloody long walk from the railway station
  • Im there train booked and sorted out before the Brentford game
  • Looking forward to it, especially since I can't be at Plymouth, Carlisle or Swindon, although I'm not to optimitic about the score.
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  • Il be in as usual no doubt
  • Having lived in Peterborough for over 20 years I would say be careful, theres no need for tin helmets as previously stated but dont take liberties in the other words if you go looking for trouble you will find it.
    Its a lot like going to an away game in the 70s and 80s.

    By the way, I am a Charlton supporter and have a season ticket.
  • The first game that will be on my train line (no changes!) since the last time we played at highbury. Don't like Peterborough but it will be a new ground for me!
  • Will be going, old fashioned away day this, land early doors, skinful of booze and terraces!
  • stay clear of the swiss cottage boozer, very very naughty
  • The sort of game I was probably looking forward to a week or so ago, but after Saturday I'm not. I'll still go though.
  • I wilo be there
  • I is coming to this too
    Dan, how you getting there?
  • Is there any way we can get a boat up there?

  • Was thinking of getting the train and getting to the pub early, but if there is a lift from a rather kind local cabbie then it would be rude to turn it down
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  • Been there years ago but good terrace and good day out. 3,000 i think is possible
  • Good chance I'll be at this. Eff knows why though, we'll be given a pasting .
  • 2 terrace tickets purchased get in messy day
  • Just booked my train tickets, £9.30 return, on the 12:10 from Kings X
  • Definitely going, one of the few grounds left in the country with terracing at both ends and I can't wait.
  • 4 terrace tickets brought this morning :)
    far too excited already
  • thought we could get get a big crowd going here.
    only given 1200 tickets so i expect that to be sold, given that the barnet and southend games probably wont attract loads
  • Would have loved to have been at this one but I'll be 10,000 miles away. Peterborough circa 1977 around 200 Posh vs 9 Charlton, needless to say its the only time I took a bit of a slap in Charlton colours, I'll never forget the shoe shop window going in and my aunt smacking geezers with her brolly. Happy days.
  • Think i'll do this :)
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