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Next up in our series of interviews with opposition fans is Dagenham & Redbridge. Our thanks go to Daggers fan Tony Rayner for giving up his time to answer our questions.


Tony, this is your first season at this level. How do you think the team is coping so far and where do you hope to finish? Which other sides have impressed you so far?

I think our team has played really well considering the move up and the lack of experience that most of our guys have. We have created lots of chances so far this season but have no striker up top to finish them, hence our top goal scorer being our french lad Vincelot (who actually signed as a full back). Before the season I would have taken 5th Bottom and that has not changed. No one has impressed me so far in this division, there were better passing sides in League Two.


Paul Benson is your record scorer but he scored all of those goals in non-league or League 2. Do you feel he can score regularly for Charlton at this level or above? Will D & R miss him?

Danny Shipp is in fact our record goal scorer with 105 goals. Paul is a Daggers legend, and like most of our current players needs time to adapt at this level. If he gets the right service he will score you goals. We are a 'crosses into the box' side, not a pass and move team which I think you are judging by the JPT game, so he will need time to get your style of play into his own game. Will we miss him, I think if you take any striker out of any team they will be missed unless replaced with a player of the same quality. None of our strikers have found the net this season.

What sort of reaction will “Benno” Get from Daggers fans on Saturday ?

He got a reaction at the JPT game which was good with some banter, time to move on.

D & R were formed from the amalgamation of many other clubs. Do people still see themselves as Ilford or Walthamstow supporters, or as Dagenham or Redbridge fans, or has 'one identity' now been established ?

We are all D & R Fans now, i was previously a Dagenham FC fan before the last merger.

With West Ham and the other North London clubs on your doorstep, how hard is it to establish your own identity as a Club and build a fanbase? What steps are the Club taking to progress the Club and attract more fans ?

It is a losing battle really, there are too many bigger clubs locally for us to compete. Our crowds have increased over recent seasons, but not by as much as the club deserve. The club tries really hard to encourage new fans to come but it does not work and never will. Even if we made the Championship, you would not see much of an increase. We have come along way in a short space of time, only 11 season ago our average crowd was 500 odd playing the likes of Bromley.

Lee Goodwin has a testimonial v West Ham next month but only played 2 mins of league football for you. How is he viewed by Daggers fans?

Lee was a superb defender and another Daggers legend, he was a no nonsense old skool defender who could play centre or full back. I have seen him driving his black cab around town and hope he gets a great turn out against the premiership whipping boys.

What is your view of Charlton as a team and a Club?

Your are a big team at this level and should be playing at a higher level as you have done in the past, but we all know football is a cruel game at times and you have to take the rough with the smooth. To be honest I know very little about your current players other then my Charlton work colleague who says you lack a creative midfielder and that is the difference between going up or not.

At the JPT game our fans were singing “You’re in the same league as Dagenham”. Are there any other regular songs or anthems to listen out for?

We sing that as all we get and this was the case in League Two is stick about how small we are and non league etc etc so we sing that to give it back. 'Premier league and you f***** it up' might be sung and also our two favourite songs of Digger Dagger oi oi oi and 'were just a pub team from essex' chant.


D &R have been described as a “direct footballing side. Is that fair? Who should Charlton fans look out for and what will the score be?

A lot of teams in League Two called us direct and our game does look direct, but what we do is effective we get it forward early into the strikers who lay it wide for the ball to come into the box. Its a simple game we play, with the players we have and the lack of experience knocking it around to just give it away is not a option until our players improve technically, which some have already but some still have a way to go.

Look out for our right winger Danny Green and our top goal scorer Vincelot with 4 (all with his head) and not forgetting ROBBO the best keeper you will ever have at the valley, he thrives on banter and will give it back too, and at 41 is still my favourite player.

As for the score we have no Pakistan players to buy us a win, heart say scrap a draw but by brain says lump on Charlton and that will buy me some beers for the day out.


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