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Went to a private screening of a new film about Ayrton Senna last night.

It's a documentary, thankfully without any talking heads, made up of tv & home video footage. A lot of it was from foreign tv channels so it wasn't full of old footage seen before.

It was a fantastic film and can recommend it to anyone, even if they're not an F1 fan. My sister loved it and she know f all about motor racing.

Not sure when it's being released, possibly early next year.


  • cool i saw the top gear episode so will defo be looking out for this
  • [cite]Posted By: johnnybev1987[/cite]cool i saw the top gear episode so will defo be looking out for this

    It's such a good film and some of the footage of things like the drivers briefings and in car cameras (that were not shown because of the language used) are fascinating
  • Once photographed the great man at Brands hatch when he drove for Lotus...... walked past the grandstand , and there he was signing photographs and talking to fans, took a couple of photographs, one of him smiling..... seemed a very approachable guy. Have to say to me the greatest driver I have ever seen on a racetrack, and although it is subjective most of the professional drivers recognised it too!
  • A flawed genius but a genius nonetheless.
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