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Don't read anything into this but HOW?!


  • seconded!
  • Egypt are 9th!!
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    England played and won two matches in the last month. Uruguay played none. I think it's that simple.

    As for why England are in 6th, I'd say a good qualification campaign for the World Cup helped. Five of the teams who did better than England are ranked ahead, Uruguay used to be ranked ahead and can still overtake, while Paraguay and Ghana were obviously too far behind to take advantage (not sure why this is - both have been decent for a few years). Also Portugal, France and Italy have all lost their ranking points for performance at the 06 World Cup, Chile were too far behind to catch up, and neither Egypt nor Croatia qualified.
  • Not sure why FIFA don't hold a tournament every four years to work out where teams sit relative to each other. I'd imagine if there was such a tournament Egypt would be the best team not to reach the last 8 and Portugal would get to the quarter finals and probably crush minor teams that they played after and not ship four goals against Cyprus.
  • I guess apart from the quarter finals when have England lost a game in the last 2 years?
  • When it mattered? ;-)
  • Well said sixer!
  • [cite]Posted By: Maglor[/cite]I guess apart from the quarter finals when have England lost a game in the last 2 years?
    There may have been a game against Germany in the summer. Can't recall all the details though.
  • Ranking system has always been skewed because every competitive game counts. So teams play a lots of competetive games against lot weaker opposition. This is especially true for South American teams who play more games than the rest of us.
    For a while when France were World and European champians and easily the best team in the world , Brazil were ranked No1!
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