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Carlos Queiroz 6-month suspension

Portugal coach Queiroz given 6-month suspension for disrupting anti-doping test

Queiroz banned


  • I think this is an interesting quote:
    Last month, Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson testified on Queiroz's behalf as a character witness at the federation's own inquiry. Queiroz was previously Ferguson's assistant at Old Trafford.

    seeing as Queiroz was at Manchester United when Rio Ferdinand was banned for something similar.
  • Hang on - did I read that right? Queiroz swore at the people doing the test, and that caused them to perform a test incorrectly?
    What. The. F***?
  • Not directly related to this story but I often wonder how much abuse of drugs goes on in football. Apart from the odd example it appears to have avoided much scandal. Bearing in mind the revelations that have occurred in pretty much every other major sport is football that clean or just that the system for checking is poor.
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