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ten am train in the morning for suzisausages hen do

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to liverpool. Is it against the rules to keep you posted? I shall check with the hen... Dont suppose going out tonight was a good idea! Until tomorrow...


  • Has anyone warned the bizzies?
  • Keep it posted B, what happens in Liverpool stays on the message board
  • wouldnt mind but she already up there so have to meet one group of complete strangers at euston... Sure we will be best of friends by time we get off train. Keep the tins of stella coming we be fine as they a great ice breaker.
  • tho not sure what suzis mum will think of my beer breath as i hear we are sharing a room. Right night. More from the train about 11. X
  • Ha great roomshare planning. !

    Hope the sooz has a great time
  • time for a new CL forum category: embarrassing stag / hen photos.

  • Does Jonjo know you're coming???
  • Working in Liverpool tonight, Paradise Street, sounds great.
  • Any E-mail addresses you could procure for me on this Hen Do will be appreciated B :-)
  • Jonjo and Uncle are the naked butlers on the Hen do
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  • god forgot about jonjo now that would be funny! Am currently on train. Nothing to report as yet. Ps afka was joshing re room share.
  • Have a fab time girls.

    Think it could get messy.

    Great! X
  • I'll get onto Football Rumours - Messi in Liverpool this weekend.
  • Suz had already expressed a desire NOT to be mugged up....

    You know the drill!
  • Surely the CAFC gals aren't gonna be mugged off by a Spanner?????????
  • Wife, daughter and future outlaws are off to Keswick for a hen do, I suspect the OB are gonna be a tad stretched in the NW this weekend...
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    its all very quiet no texts from Curb_it
  • [cite]Posted By: Tavern[/cite]its all very quiet no texts from Curb_it

    Its either Jon Jo the naked butler mate

    or typical scouse

    theyve nicked her phone
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    Ha like that fella
  • burp. X
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  • [cite]Posted By: Curb_It[/cite]burp. X

    Go to bed
  • [cite]Posted By: LargeAddick[/cite]I'll get onto Football Rumours - Messi in Liverpool this weekend.

  • All the hens are asleep! I'm the only one awake. Bunch of lightweights!!!!
  • Watch out Liverpool its Saturday Night and the London Girls are in town!lol
  • [cite]Posted By: Tavern[/cite]Watch out Liverpool its Saturday Night and the London Girls are in town!lol

    Loving the fact that you're posting on here to make out you're at home tucked up watching the telly and not out on an all day lash with the lads watching strippers and getting amongst it. Good work.
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  • Owwww my head!!
  • Owwww my head!!
  • *HIC*
  • [cite]Posted By: suzisausage[/cite]Owwww my head!!

    And mother hens said 'QUACK QUACK QUACK QUACK'.
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