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Countdown to kick-off - Will we get 4/3/2 even 1 new face in?

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I have followed closely and enjoyed the preseason this year which has seen some disappointment but also a lot of promise. I consider Parkinson to have done some throughly good work in a restricted budget and know I am not alone in thinking so.

However, for all the work that has been put in so far, I believe it is what we achieve within the next two weeks will ultimately shape our season.

We have a fine line at the moment, the squad we have I believe is capable of a decent mid-table finish - however, I see the current side as a platform for a good League One team simply missing a few components, for me these are a 2nd Goalkeeper, a Striker and a Right Winger (additionally I would like to see Bauza win a contract); if these can be addressed in the coming days or before the window closes there is no reason we cannot push for a top spot.

Some of the names on this list are certainly achieveable within our budget, others would command ambition and backing from Murray.

A lot of specualtion around Paul Benson, I however believe that Parky may be looking for something more of a coup in the mould of Lita.

Who do you see coming in?


  • I expect Mulley will be given a contract. We know a non-league keeper is coming in; probably Ross Worner. Parky seems confident of getting in at least one striker in (hence leaving the number 10 shirt free) I think Parky sees Bauza as a back-up option if he isn't able to bring in his prefered striker targets. Not sure about what his plans are for a right winger, seeing as Waggy was given the number 7 shirt it looks like he will be first choice. wouldn't be surprised if he offers Norbert or Sawyer a contract. they didn't really impress during their trials, but then might be alright for back-up. It seems Parky wants to avoid loans but it's a option i'm sure he is looking at.
  • Well bauza is apparently gone, we have a young keeper on his way back fro the docs and we wait on the rest.

    Anyone know what stae Bournemouth are in ... 5 - a- side anyone?
  • No idea who will come in AMJ, but i see things pretty similar to how you do.
  • I haven't seen any of the pre-season games so all my information comes from you guys.

    It seems to me that the signing PP has made are good ones, but as he admits he needs 4 more, also from what he has said we can assume that one is a GK and one a striker for the number 10 shirt.

    Signing new players can take time so I think we have to put our faith in PP that he will get his men but it might take longer than we would all like.

    From the players we have I can't see why we can't put out a decent team on Saturday, then let the younger players go to Shrewsbury and hopefully have a better squad for the Orient game.

    So to answer your question AFKA I reckon one this week and that will be the Woking GK.
  • It looks like to Worner deal is close so that is 1, we then need 2 strikers and maybe a RM. I think these are the 4 Parky is talking about as we clearly need 2 strikers whether they be permanent or loans and I doubt Parky is going to rely on only 1 Right Winger who if memory serves has started only a few league games on the right. (Waggy has also not been impressive from the start imho). Of the options, Benson is a possibility and I have no idea about the other striker or a potential RM.

    I would think a defender is on the radar but not as essential, we have 2 RBs, 3 decent CBs and at left back it looks like Jackson will be first choice until Youga gets fit. Semedo can also cover in emergencies whilst Mambo is perhaps closer to matchday squads than people thought before pre season.
  • i only saw the word 'countdown' in the thread title, and i had 5 new posts.



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