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NEW ARTICLE: Pardew will stand or fall on transfers such as Thatcher

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  • I think Pardew or rather Charlton will fall on the signings we fail to make..
  • Hmm the headline doesn't really fit the story at least in tone. Pardew has inherited not just a side in trouble but one desperately lacking in confidence and desire to pull back deficits and battle for points. It isn't just ability that we need but character and determination. All managers live or die by their ability in the transfer market, and how they integrate those players into the squad and get them performing. From here it looks like Charlton are relegated this year in all but deed, Pardew though will surely be judged not just on the transfers but on how far Charlton bounce back. With this current squad I can't see us competing effectively in the CCC next year let alone the EPL - Pardew knows this and is taking the first steps in changing it.

    If Charlton are to avoid relegation then we need a stronger defence and a team that doesn't roll over as regularly and die at the first sign of pressure. Too often we've let clusters of goals in - two or more in relatively short succession which suggests a lack of confidence.

    Does Thatcher represent an improvement over either of the existing Traore or HH (or even youth team players like Youda?) ? I've have to say yes and on an 18month contract with a maximum of £750K it looks good value. Sure Thatcher comes with a bit of a reputation and I hope it's written into his contract that any repeat of the Mendes assault will see that contract terminated, but there has to be a certain amount of starting with a clean slate.

    Let's at least let Thatcher start with that clean slate and judge him on what he does for us.
  • Sub-editor at the KT writes the headlines not me.
  • i think its fair to say their headlines sometimes leave a little to be desired.
  • Left-backs don't determine the fortunes of football teams.

    Centre-halves, centre-mids and centre-forwards do.
    Pardew will be judged on the players in those positions he brings in either b4 Jan 31st or this summer.
  • Spot on, Kinvey, we need to either strengthen the existing spine of the team by improving performances or bring in some new blood although that is obviously tough to do right now. Players on the edges of the action will add value but won't win or lose you games like those in the heat of the battle.
  • But then wasn't it Thatcher who cleared off the line near the end of the game, helping to ensure us of the 3 points? I agree the spine of the team is important, but we need players that will win possession, and put the opposition under pressure all over the pitch, to help take the pressure of the players in the centre of the park.
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