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Organ Donor - Please take time to consider

I am sure a lot of you have already done it, but being rather slow off the mark I have only just done this....

It literally takes 2 minutes of your time, costs nothing and who knows, may be one of the most worth while things you ever do.

It is sad that as a percentage so few of us have actually "opted in".

Don't know if there is any chance of a sticky but personally I think why not make this one and see how many "Lifers" we can get signed up....

After all it is a far better use of your time than watching any of the dross football at the World Cup so far or hunting around on "Football Rumours" for made up stories which is what we have all been doing since the Swindon game!


  • Yer signed up as soon as I could, think I was 17 at the time. Still plucking up the courage to go and give blood, I'm not great with needles.
  • signed up a few years ago.
  • I still have one of doyles organ donation card teeshirts somewhere.

    Been a card holder for ages, they can everything but my eyes, don't know why I did that just think its weird, am short sighted to so wouldn't be much use to anyone, my whole family are signed up as we knew someone who died after not getting a new heart.
  • Yer, a lot of people don't like the idea of donating their eyes. Personally if I'm dead they are no use to me, somebody else is welcome to them, however wouldn't want my family seeing like that.
  • I'd have no problem making this a sticky, as I think it is certainly a good cause, but to be honest there is a certain amount of sticky "blindness"; you're more likely to have more views without posting it to the top.
  • Signed up 10 years ago for this, and have "given" 52 "blood donations":
    Not sure why they want 2nd hand alcohol.........
  • I did havc a card a long time ago but will sign up. Thanks for posting this an important subject
  • I did havc a card a long time ago but will sign up. Thanks for posting this an important subject
  • signed up some years ago and would politely urge everyone else to.

    Jolly, man up. It's only a little prick as the bishop said to the actress ; - )
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  • done - nice post valleyman
  • edited June 2010
    Done - please also register with the Anthony Nolan Trust:
  • Yes, signed up for this a few years back and also donate blood.
  • Done. Been meaning to to do it for years. I would never have known my Grandad had it not been for a heart transplant he had after his second heart attack. A transplant that gave him another 20 years on his life.
  • My mum had 2 liver transplants over the last two years but for a number of reasons they could not save her but i and my family are so greatful to the people who gave to a total stranger.Terrific post.....
  • we should have an opt-out system instead of an opt-in one. If you were really that bothered that you didn't want your organs used you would make sure you'd opt-out. Makes sense in my opinion and would save many, many more lives. As for blood donation, people need to put themselves out and do it, it doesn't take long and isn't life threatening. No excuse not to in my opinion.
  • As well as posting this link on CL I also suggested to my employers that they have a day in the year where staff can sign up - was happy to get some lap tops together and sit in the canteen for a few hours to give people the option - just been turned down for "religious sensitivities" reasons - absolute joke.

    It's an opt in system and I was proposing sitting in a corner with a banner above me and a few posters, not twisting peoples arms....this really is everyting wrong about the UK. A company has the opportunity of getting great publicity and turns it down in case they offend a tiny minority!
  • Going to donate blood with a couple of mates on Wednesday for the first time. Actually quite nervous about it, also it's our last exam that day so we've got a big night ahead of us. Could be an interesting mix.
  • Well done JR:
    As I said before, if it Hurt I wouldn't keep doing it.........
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  • It's not the pain I'm scared about. It's the large quantities of alcohol that I'll be using to replenishing my depleted blood stream that I don't think is good for me.
  • Chizz said:

    True story:

    My older sister was a Charlton fan. When we were kids, she would join me, my Dad and our older brother at The Valley and scream and shout as much as anyone.

    Her favourite player was Colin Powell. I can still remember the squeals of delight when we met him after a match once, and he agreed to sign her arm with pink felt-tip pen. We rushed home and showed my Mum (who naturally ordered her to wash it off immediately). And she showed everyone at school on the Monday (having refused *ever* to wash that part of her arm ever again, ever. Ever).

    She did many things, usually very well. She was an accomplished tennis player. And she was a singer and a dancer too, performing on stage in the West End. But I'll always remember her as a Charlton fan, standing with me and my Dad on the East terrace.

    It's ironic that the lungs that helped her cheer Charlton on at The Valley for so many years were what let her down.

    Through no fault of her own - an inherited condition - her lungs failed. Not through smoking (although that can't have helped) and not through anything she caused herself. She was just dealt a very, very unlucky hand of cards.

    People like my sister can be saved - literally given a new life - if there are enough people on the donors' register. It's easy to sign up. Have a look at the original post on this thread. There really can be no excuse for not doing so. Please do it. You really can save someone's life.

    So, maybe you want to know what happened? This week, my brother-in-law, my nephew and my sister celebrated the fourth anniversary of her double-lung transplant. Made possible by one kind donor, one brave donor's family, one brilliant medical team and one very brave, very determined, very, very happy big sister.

    Please sign the register now.

    A truly uplifting story, Chizz.

    (wipes away a tear)
  • What is the current statistic of organ donors to non-donors?

    There is almost no excuse in this country - most government forms you fill in has organ donation consent attached onto it.

    Your organs are only taken if you die. You won't need them.
  • Great post @Chizz

    So glad that had a happy ending.

    I signed he register ages ago. Everything can be taken except my eyes - i know it's nonsense but i just can't bring myself to authorise someone taking my corneas. You never know......
  • I agree it should be opt out not opt in.
    Have always had a card/been registered and give blood.

    Plus I'd go to the extreme that if you're an adult and have no medical reason for not being a donor, then you should not be entitled to a transplant should you ever need one.
  • Registered organ donor, blood marrow donor, and blood donor. Not a sperm donor though... I think that opportunity has gone
  • Not registered for bone marrow, not sure why should sort that out, or skin and eyes. One of my first girlfriends had a problem with those 'organs' and I've taken it on.
  • as I posted back in 2010 in should be opt-out not opt-in. If you really didn't want to donate you'd make sure you opted-out. Glad to her your sisters story Chizz, glad she's well.
  • They can have it all, except for my heart. Roland has crushed that..........
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