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Bangkok Prison World Cup

News reaches me, via a visit from a great friend who is rather TOO familiar with the inner workings of the Thai Penal system, that the Bangkok Prisons are holding a world cup football competition.
There are, so I hear, more foreigners in Bangkok gaols than locals, who tend to be sent to the ones nearest their families.
Red hot favourites are England, with Thailand Germany Italy also in the running.
Australia and New Zealand have teams as do South Africa and a combined African team.
Cambodia dont have the stamina, Laos arent woth the shirts they wear and the French are arguing whether to participate.
Could be a cracking tournament this year with betting going wild.
Of course we see the last of some of the hard men of Thai prison football as, after 8 years, you are re-patriated to serve the remainder of your sentence in your home country.

Anyone wishing an update let me know
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