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Charlton Life end of season thanks - 2009/10



  • i think the main aim this summer should really be to target those handful of African countries and get them accessing CL!
  • Well done to all those who mantain this site, only signed up since february so bit of a newbie but have enjoyed the banter and other input that has gone on since joining. I am off otherwise I will get too emotional....................Come one England and come on you reds!
  • [cite]Posted By: Henry Irving[/cite]Sink

    Very funny Ben!

    Thanks to everyone for making this what it is! The Charlton Forum to come too.

    Although the season has ended in disappointment I'll be able to keep in touch with all things Charlton from 'Down Under'. Keep up the good work all.

  • [cite]Posted By: Curb_It[/cite]Everytime I have read this site I have read it as End of Season Drinks... what does that say about me?

    that i need a large stiff one perhaps.

    Ooh err !
  • Thanks to all !
  • Great site, great outlet, thanks to those who run it.
  • Don't post too much these days since change of job, but try and look in when possible.

    Thanks to all involved in the upkeep, best way to keep in touch.
  • A brilliant site and long may it continue.
  • Thanks to everyone who helps run the site and all of you for making it the best darn interweb net chat thingy on is much appreciated.

    Also I would like to add my thanks to JT for his contributions to the new bird on countdown thread. I am grateful that I can look at that thread and forget my ongoing anguish at just how pants my beloved Charlton have become as I contemplate the gorgeousness of CL's favourite mascot!
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  • Great work guys, thanks for all of your efforts.
  • Thanks for a great season of views and info.

    Hope we are going to do the shirt sponsorship thing again - as well as being a good community thingy, it looks good from outside the club too.

    Don't leave me on that stripey nigel site to banter them alone :)
  • thanks for all your work . Of all the forums this ones the best
  • Thanks to all involved. Echo what has already been said above!
  • Thank you to everyone that helps run this wonderful site. Its the first thing and last thing I read each day. Long may it continue!
  • There goes my 'What does AFKA do for his money..?' thread...
  • A big thank-you to all involved in making this top of my 'Most Visited'

    Just a thought...... How many man hours has british industry lost due to CL? :-)
  • Echo all the thanks on here to those who spend their valuable time maintaining/monitoring the site.

    Have a great birthday on the 29th AFKA & all our best wishes to you & yours for the forthcoming exciting event.
  • Like to add my thanks too. This is a great forum. Thanks to all those involved. I'm one of those who appreciates the score updates, and the banter generally, when you are far from the Valley, it brings you closer.

    I also really want to congratulate Choice for his videos, I think they are really something. Favourite moment from the lot, Kyel Reid arrowing in on goal at Southend, and ensuing mayhem. TV is all very well, but these vids capture what its like to be there as a Charlton supporter, they are unique.
  • Ditto re all the thanks to the team that keep this site both running smoothly and entertaining, my day would not be the same without Charlton Life........I would have to work for a living!

    More of the same next season please this time with a happier ending

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  • well done to all associated with with the running of the site and also every one who participated during the year
  • I've enjoyed this season so much more than in recent years and signing up as a member last August and meeting quite a few of the CL family can't be a coincidence as to why it's been so good.

    Thanks to all those behind the scenes, and look forward to meeting a few more of you next season (No more Nathans though!) ; )

  • This site is a life saver for those of us who are a bit further away; the banter helps to keep the Charlton feeling alive. Thanks AFKA and all the other players.

    I'm back in the UK for Christmas hols so I'm anxiously waiting for the fixture list already.

    Cheers all.
  • am I late?

    I love the end of season love in... (comes through door with can of Stella in hand)
  • Thanks AFKA & Lookie!

    I too hope we do the shirt sponsorship again & as such I am willing to put myself up for sorting it next year if necessary. Can't expect the same people to do things all the time.

    Some fantastic people on here.

    Have a great summer one & all. Here's to next season!


  • How about a thanks to me for behaving myself.......................................well most of the time anyway.....LOL!!
  • I echo everyone's thanks, as even up here in the wilds of Lancashire this site helps me remain committed to CAFC, whatever division we are in.
  • Very grateful to you all, the site i visit most. Makes me LOL often and always interesting even if i do not always agree. As the winner of the Charlton Gnone (Henry) this has been a special year. I am sure my affection for Charlton is incresaed due to this site, a great job
  • Cheers everyone who runs the site.

    Passes many hours at work :-p

    Hopefully next season we'll have a happy end of season on here!
  • Thanks to all who help make this wonderful place. Great to be part of the best forum around. Have a good summer.
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