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Wednesday Quiz 12th May 2010

Iv been asked to do this on behalf on Henry who has left the building for today, hope its upto standard

1. Where did Charlton sign Paul Williams From?

2. Which player gave Charlton the lead against Chelsea at The Valley in 2002/03 ?

3. Who were the opposition at Selhurst Park when Charlton played a game in thick fog ? (sorry cant remember year but sure it only happened once - think it was a cup tie)

4. Who sponsored Charlton between FADS and THE WOOLWICH (1982-1984) ?

5. Which current Charlton player has made 15 appearances for Leeds United ?

6. Pic 1 (Name The Former Charlton Player) ?

7. Pic 2 (Identify The Club From This Segment Of The Badge) ?

8. Pic 3 (Name The Ground) ?

9. Pic 4 (Name The Ground) ?

10. Pic 5 (Name The Former Charlton Player) ?


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