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Itunes help

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Well basically, i had my ipod synced up to another computer which has now broken and i have a new one but does anyone know a way of adding more music without losing the present music.


  • you will need to transfer the tunes on the ipod onto a new itunes, this program is a good way of doing it ,i used it to restore a library that was lost on one machine
  • You can also unsync your Ipod and then you can add music from any PC. You do have to remember to eject the IPod manually. Try the almighty Google, it will tell you how. It is very straight forward.
  • Thanks i will try it tomorrow night if i get a chance.
  • dont plug your ipod into any other itunes as it will wipe your ipod and start to sync with that itunes, theres a couple of buttons that you hold down (cant remember which ones) when you connect the ipod to pc that overides the automatic sync feature
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    Use music rescue as above
  • you can find out pretty much most things to do with with ipods/itunes at this website/forum
  • I had this problem before, in regards to purchased you can email them and give them the date from when you want them from. they were very good when i emailed them but unfortunately had to upload all my cd's and yet i still dont back up my hard drive......i never learn
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